• When: 03/08/2018
  • QIC: Sparky
  • PAX: Bedpan, Montross, Medicine Woman, Volt, Hank, Roadie, Sparky

I pulled in running a little late as usual! 6 pax where waiting patiently? I opened my truck door and yelled what time is it? Someone answered 530! Stepping out of the truck I yell back “ let’s mosey “! So we make our normal trip to the flag , on the way back I asked the pax, option A or option B? Quick reply, option B ! A is block work, and B is burpees 20 to 1 on the tennis courts! When I informed them of this the mumble chatter quicky spiked! Little did I know Hanks Gout was flared up in his knee! So being the merciful guy that I am, we fell back on option A! We grabbed blocks, circled up and did 20 to 1

shoulder press




somewhere along the way there was some fussing about cold hands, #showtoknow! Everybody did a great job! Proud of the folsom crew!

prayer request- Hank, Def, Silas, Weston, each other

announcments- community 5k,

csaup run

Good work men! And Volt for getting in a little ec before the WO!