• When: 03/03/2018
  • QIC: Mayor
  • PAX: Rudolph, Hippa, Def Leppard, Billy Madison, Calvin (R).

So, a while back, it was difficult to get regulars to post for the pain lab, however, I pushed Rudolph to keep this going because I believe in the need to get folks out there who cannot post due to high impact injuries, whether on the IR or if they do, they will be on the IR.  Is that any reason why a PAX should be dismissed into oblivion?  Absolutely not, so, since I nudged for this, I need to support Rudolph and this sub AO to make this thing happen….and happen it has.  Different Qs, tons of awesome workouts.

After some trash talking with Tooltime and us meeting up to do workout and warmup with the PAX, we split up.  After a few mishaps with me getting the stereo system up, it was apparent I left the wienke in the truck and I got chided for not getting this thing started.

The Thang:  first things first, one minute HIIT with the kettlebells.  Cleans (each arm), kettlebell push ups, ballistic or one arm row (each arm), bridge (shoulders on ground and butt in air) while doing KB presses.  After the heart rate is up for initial minutes, lets get into one of my all time favorite workouts…dum dum dum….the 99 with some mods.

99 SSH, 99 LBCs, 99 second squat hold, 99 flutter kicks, 9 pushups, 88, 77, 66, 55…you get the point.  At the end of each round I called a special exercise with the kettlebell.  There were OH tricep extensions, high pulls, American hammers, burpees and some others.  With time running low, I had planned to get these boys moving.  We said low impact, not stationary.  since I am a member of the Schiele Museum, I am familiar with the trails.  Grab your weight and follow me.  We take of on an Indian Ruck where the last man moves to the front and we keep going.  We did the whole trail system and pushed the pace (the garmin said the average moving pace was close to 5 MPH).  This was the longest farmers carry I have ever done and the forearms were burning.   We got back, dropped the weight and met up with everyone in time for the COT.

MOLESKIN:  The one thing that we are dismissing in the minds of others, is that this is any less of a workout. You will swing kettlebells, do burpees, absolutely everything…..except run or jump.  Get out here and post if you have a bad back, bad knees, bad feet or if you have posted twice in a week and are looking to work on conditioning.  We stay together and get it done.  Thanks a lot gents.  Oh, and I have a new speaker.