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I can’t

The pub was filled Thursday morning with veteran runner looking for a new route.  Luckily YHC was ready with a challenging route.  In order to train for the BRR you need to think like the BRR. Unfortunately one nantan was not quite feeling it with lots of “I Can’ts” being  heard as we headed out.  However with grit an determination all PAX were able to complete a run characterized by significant hill repeats as we meandered through Gastone’s neighborhood before returning to the pub.  Runners chalked up approximately 600 feet of elevation gain.  When all was said and done no one was saying “I can’t” anymore.


Good Job men!!


15 including YHC came out Thursday afternoon , YHC was asked to take the Q and I accepted

The warm up






First mosey to playground for 3 sets of 6, pull ups @ 20 squats

Then to soccer feild for main event a version of tabbata , Blart style I know I seem to do this one a lot but I like the fact that you can really push yourself and everyone can stay together good for the new guys..

For this one I had several exercises laid out on sidewalk. And we would rotate and do each while one person would run across soccer feild and nur back when done would fall in and then next person would run across.

Various exercises included: overhead press, curls, spidermans, flutterkicks, jumprope, diamond merkins, plankjacks,  bbsitups, boat to canoe, regular merkins , cdd’s,

After one round of this short mosey to next parking lot  to do some Incline merkins and rocky b’s   then over to bleachers for a few minutes of step up then lundges across soccer feild and then some more lundges, during this set YHC was called out that I should do them from back side because I was so tall if it was not Roadie I would probably just keep right on like I did not here it but being the  beast he is,  I could not ignore challenge accepted , and the step ups soon stopped as YHC was getting gassed. .

Final back over to curb for 1 mike Tyson yep just one …that was very hard I love those things…

I gave Freight a 10 lb weight at beginning and it was given away through out work out I have been reminded lately that this free thing we enjoy so much was given to us . So don’t forget to #GIVE IT AWAY




prayer requests :

Those on IR , Def leopard  son Logan , several others mentioned,  and those waiting on us to #GIVE IT AWAY…..


YHC took us out in prayer

Thank for opportunity to lead, if you have not taken that opportunity yet what the heck are you waiting on step up men and #GIVE IT AWAY….


felt good to be back in the gloom

7 men resisted the fart sack this morning.  I hope 6 others weren’t disappointed.   Medicine Woman and Montross got in some extra credit.  good chatter beforehand.  05:30 hit and it was time to clock in.

warmup: ssh x 36ic.  sparky shows up at this time.  morraccan nightclubs until he joins us.  toy soldiers x 10ic.


mosey to the lower lot and partner up for bombs.  p1 exercises will p2 runs two laps.

head back to the launching point with a combination of lunges, nur, lunges and a sprint.


annoucements: CSAUP, community run.

prayer request: each other. being men of God.

BOM: YHC took us out in prayer.

it was an honor to Q today, thank you all for the push.

i’m thankful for you guys.  although i’ve rarely posted, the chatter has been uplifting to me.

Philippians 4:13


Round 2 of Plan B

Days leading up to my Q, I planned what was going to be a serious beat down. As the day got closer, so did the rain.

I was optimistic that it would be dry and all could enjoy the planned workout. That being said, the ground was wet that morning so I dug up my winkie from my last rainy day Q.

Plan B was back in action almost a year later.

The plan was to keep everyone dry while still giving them their moneys worth.

The Thang:


No warm up, so let’s Mosey the long way around the parking lot to the covered area at the side of the school.

Once there, I pulled out my winkie along with a pair of dice. We circled around to roll the dice and try our luck.

Here’s how it worked:

Roll the dice and everyone performs the  exercise that corresponds to that #. Roll doubles and it’s a sprint to the end of the parking lot and back (Plus the exercise).

2 = 5 Burpees

3 = 10 Bobby Hurley’s

4 = 20 CDD’s

5 = 25 LBC’s

6 = 15 Seal Jacks IC

7 = 15 Opposite Raised Toe Touches IC

8 = 10 Merkins

9 = 15 Bicycles

10 = 20 Squats

11 = 20 Monkey Humpers

12 = 5 Burpees

I explained how I stole the dice from one of my kids board games. Seems like the dice repeatedly landed on 7 and 11 (Toe Touches and Monkey Humpers). Mayor swore my son’s dice were rigged and he had to be hustling candy from all the kids at school, which would explain why he has so much trouble going to bed every night. Something I may have to look into.

With 10 mins left and 1000 Toe Touches and Monkey Humpers behind us, I wanted to try something I did at Midoriyama a few nights before. Freight call out an exercise I believe he called the Iron Hulk. It starts with 1 Merkin and 4 Arm Raises. Then 2 and 8, then 3 and 12 and so on till we do 10 and 40. This one really sucks at the end!

After that we moseyed back to the flag.

Things must be going pretty good, no prayer request at all.

Convergence this Saturday at Folsom. All other AO’s closed.

Prayer to send us on our way.

It was a privilege to lead you gentlemen today.

Thanks to everyone who showed up.


Army PFT

What I believe to have been 19 PAX posted at Midoriyama on Tuesday. My Q ran a little long so PAX started scattering before we could get in the COT. I’ve done my best to recall all that were there. If I missed you please fill out the paperwork and submit it to editorial.

I came in Hot and Pizza Man had things started. Tyson and Tooltime took off to run.

Let’s Mosey! Everyone get a block and go to the farthest soccer field.

The Thang:

I decided to share some of the first things we did at out Goruck event Friday night.

2 minutes Merkin AMRAP

2 minutes Situp AMRAP

partner counted and held the person doing the exercise accountable for good form.

2 mile run

Google the test and check your score.

Partner up. Carry partner 100 yds and leave him there. Run back to the other end and get both of your blocks. Carry them to the 25 and do 10 burpees, the same at the 50 and the other 25. Once you return to your partner body drag him to the 50 go get the blocks and run back to the start.


Welcome Buidin’s son Crawdad!

Announcement-CSAUP 4/7, SFN community run 4/14

Prayer Request-Lots of fathers and their children needed prayer, YHC as I have started furthering my education


It was nice to show up in the gloom with the temperature at 56 degrees. Unlike the past few mornings posting. Anyway, Hank don’t do backblasts so Sparky and I take up his slack to write up a backblast for him.

Warmarama; nothing, mosey

mosey to the park entrance for….



Mosey, for like forever around the park. Stop randomly for 20 burpees OYO. Wait there’s a train add 5 more. Mosey, like forever again. Stop for 50 plank jacks. Again mosey forever, then stop for 100 Good Mornings. Mosey, stop again for 150 monkey jumpers. This was awesome timing for Roadie to be humping as a County Police Car pulls in and parks. Weird that he lined up directly behind Roadie? Anyway, mosey again then stop. Realizing time is coming to an end, Q asks what mileage we were at, so we continue to mosey. At each stop, PAX were to plank, SSH, or other exercise waiting for the 6. After it was all said and done. Men hit 3.3 miles and got sore lower backs. Hank never calls anything outrageous, but it is always stupid.

Anouncements; CSAUP, Community Run….dates??? YHC not very good with that part.

Prayer: Sparky took us out.

nice work men. No, Folsom is not a running AO

3rdF Quarterly Meeting Preblast

Alright Men the 3rdF quarterly event has finally been set for Friday April 13, 2018. Speakers start at 7:00pm so arrive before to get your coffee and your seat. Yes I do realize that is not in the first quarter but hey its close. It’s not like Christmas in June or anything! I’m very excited to hear what our speakers have for us. This quarter we have the wise one Def Leppard and the quite one Blart. From my experience if either of these guys have something to say it would be best to listen!

If you are new or didn’t make it out to our first event last year I highly recommend you attend. This is a time for our brothers to share some wisdom based on faith without the distractions of the 1stF.

The meeting will take place at The Porch back behind Parkwood Baptist. It is at the intersection of Burton Wood drive and Dixon Rd in Gastonia.




The Gauntlet

13 men started the week off the right way. 5 of those showed a little early for a little extra credit.

The Thang:

SSH 40

Merkins 10

Mosey down the road and to the back entrance of the park.

50 LBC’s

Plank for 6

Mosey to the middle soccer field.

Plank for 6.

Middle of soccer field 1 Burpee, run to sidewalk and 10 Squats, Run to top of hill for 10 Get Ups.

The squats are a constant everytime you pass the sidewalk. The Burpee’s and Get Ups are repeated until you reverse the number, 11’s.

Picnic benches while waiting on 6. Some guys were ahead of me doing LBC’s.

40 Flutter Kicks on my count.

50 LBC’s

Mosey back to start because we are out of time.

The Moleskin:

Good morning and everyone worked hard including me. Boudin is a beast, this guy is killing it all the time. Kudos. Davinci, it was good to have you back in the gloom. Whoopee finished the hard part and headed out to make work.  Finishing the workout is one thing but finishing with good form makes it even harder.

Prayers for Belmont Abbey student and for Hushpuppy’s son who is starting to date.

Iron Sharpens Iron, who are you going to sharpen today?

It was an honor and always is,

Gastone Out!


My goal in life is to come up with fun and creative ways to turn the ordinary into extraordinary.  Thankfully, F3 has let me use them as my canvas. Since I’ve joined I’ve seen my fair share of workout creativity from every Q, daily, therefore I was excited when I got the chance to Q the Pain Lab at the Gashouse. When I was a young boy I loved playing board games. It allowed my family to come together to enjoy each others company and put aside our busy lives outside the home, so I thought it would be interesting to incorporate that same idea into an F3 workout. Just hangout, chat and play a friendly game. That said, Painopoly was born. Which is A redesign of the classic board game Monopoly for those that couldn’t figure it out. Streets were renamed to match those in the Gaston county area, A Kettlebell workout instead of a property value, Railroad’s would appropriately have 5 Burpee’s, A 1Lb Kettlebell for the game piece and I even had some fun with the Chance and Community Chest cards. Only difference with my version is that no one wins, everyone loses.

Excitement was setting in during the week as I began promoting it. The interest and intrigue was there but no HC’s, so how many would show? On my way in early and I forgot the dice, side trip to Wal-Mart. As I arrived to the AO quite early, as did Stroganoff for his recon, I began wondering if the gloom would hinder reading the Painopoly board spaces. I began my recon of the parking lot in search of the brightest spot. Found a good spot under a set of parking lot lights. The nervous tinkles hit me so found a tree quickly. At this point it’s 6:50 and not much traffic coming in. Panic sets in. Did I scare people off? 7AM and we have a good showing of 13 collectively. After the warm-up and pledge 3 decide to stay back with me. Thank you T-Square, Mayor and Billy Madison. Billy Madison was definitely intrigued by it, so much that instead of totally skipping the Saturday workout he managed to squeeze in about 20 minutes until he had to leave for his sons baseball tournament.

The Thang:

We played Painopoly, listened to some loud metal and had great conversation.


  1. Roll the dice and move the appropriate amount of spaces
  2. Do the exercise on the space
    1. Chance or Community Chest – Draw a card from the correct pile. Could be an exercise, a rest, Go To Jail or even an Omaha for the next exercise of your choosing.
  3. While the next player rolls every other player needs to do a wall sit

Some how T-Square managed to land on every Railroad (5 Burpees each), we went to jail (15 Burpees) once and I think Mayor drew a Chance card with 5 Burpees. We also managed to land on Kettlebell cleans 4 times which = 4 sets of 10 reps. There was some grunting and groaning so I knew the reps I had labelled were a good number. Although we didn’t manage to hit every exercise on the board, we hit a good number that worked just about every muscle group with intensity.

The PAX seemed to really enjoy playing and cannot thank them enough for participating. There is talk this may make another appearance in the near future. Show to know. If anyone would like to use this for a workout or another Pain Lab, let me know and I’ll let you borrow it. While I legally cannot sell this (copyright infringement with Parker Bros/Hasbro), If you want your own I’ll gladly make you one if you want. Only thing in return is you must make a minimum $20 donation to a local charity. By charity I mean like Rolling Hornets, not Mayor.

Thank you again for letting me lead. It is truly an honor and privilege. I hope you enjoyed your time and got in a good weight workout. Until next time, Aye!!





Boudin’s Recovery Run



The Thang:

Mosey or Ruck for –5 miles

Great weather today and a great group of guys! Good to see this AO holding the number of men it has been lately YHC looks forward to Sunday morning with his F3 brothers! Sargento and YHC ran up on Snapper out walking his dog….which turned into Snapper running his dog up robin wood rd! Hopefully he’ll post next Sunday for the whole mosey! Strong work by all! Especially impressed to see Boudin out there after his Go Ruck tough event Friday night!



JK2 and Slaw’s fathers, Def Leppard and his son Logan.

Proverbs 27:

17Iron sharpens iron,
and one man sharpens another.


As always it was an honor men!


Tool Time

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