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Day: February 23, 2018

Pints of Cardio

YHC showed up early to put in a little EC.  To my surprise, there was a group of women who had taken our normal parking spots.  I thought it might be a FIA group, but it was a women’s running group.  YHC had worn the legendary Blue shirt, so I was a little concern.  To be safe, I covered it with a weight vest.  Problem solved.

There were no FNG, so we said the pledge and went straight to work.  There were 3 PAX for the 3 mile run and the remaining 6 went for 5.  We arrived back at the Pub close enough to finish the post together.


This AO continues to have good turn out.  Keep up the good work.  Try recruiting PAX that have not posted at the Pub.

As always men it was a pleasure to lead.  Keep putting in the work, and we will continue to get better together.


10,000+ reps; salt; Timberlake; Kotter; Grinder; 5’s….makes perfect sense

Friday gloom.  Was I late?  Boudin seemed to think so or maybe he thought in my advanced age I was lost and confused (he is much younger) as he came to check on me as I scoped out the parking lot.

Large crowd downtown including a Kotter……..welcome back Woodstock.  Great to see you…Go Wolfpack!!  Montross is a Timberlake fan….Go Team!

A few had already completed some EC.  I attempted to get in my 25 burpees before the workout but only got in 15 due to time.  I missed Wednesday but caught up with 50 last night……..that was brutal and will not allow that to happen again.  My youngest child (12 years old) is now asking me each night if I’ve gotten my burpees in yet…….nice work Pizza Man.

Not sure if it was just laziness, lack of creativity or I’m just a simple guy but on the way to the AO, I decided I would just do a repeat of my Q from this past Saturday at Gashouse, or at least get in as much as I could in 45 minutes.

No FNG’s.  No disclaimer needed.  Let’s do the Pledge with a short IC warm up:

SSH X 15

Appalachian Americans X 12

The Thang

Mosey east through the parking lot and around to the back side for some Stroganoff 5’s:

Start at one curb – bear crawl to other side – 10 merkins – lunge back (that’s one)

Rinse – Repeat for 5 full sets.  Fun time #1.  Gastone should have brought gloves.

Mosey for some frogger across Long Ave (or Airline or Ozark or whatever it is right there at the Courthouse) and down behind the social services building for the Rally to 1000.

Partner up for some short running – merkins – exercise rotation for cumulative reps:

Partner 1 performs exercise – partner 2 runs up left side steps to upper parking lot – 5 merkins – run back down right side steps to switch with partner for cumulative reps as follows:

Flutter Kicks X 200 (that’s 200 per leg…..why is this so hard?)

Mountain Climbers X 200

Freddy Mercury’s X 200

Plank Jacks X 200

LBC’s X 200

Lot’s of reps, over 10,000 plus a giant load of merkins.  Fun time #2.

Count off before another frogger mosey back to the parking lot at the pavilion for a modified Wolfpack Grinder until time to quit:

For those participating, today marks day 35 of Roscoe’s 40 Days of Discipline…..might have an impact on the reps below.

10 Squats IC – run to other side of parking lot – 35 merkins – Plank AT THE DISCRETION OF THE Q BOUDIN!

10 Low & Slow Squats IC – run back to the beginning point of parking lot – 35 Plank Jacks – Plank for the six

Rinse & Repeat for one more round before moseying to the flag for one last set of IC Flutter Kicks X 30 (not sure why I didn’t take it to 35). Fun time #3

Announcements/Prayer Requests/Name-O-Rama

Good work men.  I appreciate the opportunity and apologies for the lack of creativity, especially if you posted Saturday at Gashouse.  Apparently I have tapped out my thinking cap already this week.  I’m a simple guy.

Until the next one.  Aye!


You Mad Bro

13 PAX total were out at Midoriyama on Thursday. 3 went for a MTB ride and 10 received some punishment . I must say though they took it well. There has been a little smack talk lately from a PAX about the weak workout at Midoriyama. I think at his age it may just be Old Timers. The last time he was out there the only thing that was heard from him was heavy breathing. If not I do look forward to him coming out in July and August when it really gets good. A few times in the past a PAX has challenged those of us that tend to our fields(thanks for the recommendation Stroganoff learning already) early enough in the morning that we have to post in the evening. All have come away with mucho respect for those that challenge the sun. I hoped a certain PAX would show for the challenge but everyone that did took it in stride.


Some SSH and let’s get to work!

Mosey to the soccer field, partner up and get the blocks.

The Thang:

Dora 123

100 Burpees-partner running carry’s the block and runs up the hill

200 Squats with the block

300 In/Out-partner running carry’s the block and runs up the hill

Dora 123

100 stepups on the bleachers with the block. Partner bearcrawls about 15 yds and sprints back.

200 Overhead lifts with the block. Partner bearcrawls about 15 yds and sprints back.

300 Curls. Partner bearcrawls about 15 yds and sprints back.

That’s time let’s mosey back to the flag.


Announcments-Community Run, Forge next week. A few PAX have stepped up for the 3rdF qtrly meet. Date to come soon.

Prayer Request-Def Leppard, Maddoff during Soccer camp(shine the light brother), World Wide’s Son(Notice to all PAX. Stop and say a prayer for this young man. We need some healing here).


I think I’ve said enough

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