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  • When: 02/14/2018
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  • QIC: Billy Madison
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  • PAX: Remo, Stroganoff, Defib, Bedpan, TimeFrame, Hipaa, T-square, Gastone, Tesla, Turtleman, Easy Rider, Hayzoos, Sergento, Clavine, Spiderman, Shortsale, JJ, Blart, Billy Madison

The High Intensity Interval Training wasn’t the only treat in store for the pax this Valentine’s morning…..I serenaded them with a “today’s top 40 hits station” via Youtube.

The mumble chatter ensued immediately because what group enjoys top 40 hits more than a bunch of middle-aged, Caucasian, white-collar men from the south???



  • SSH
  • Don Quixotes
  • Cherry Pickers (the ones that fell on the ground Stroganoff)
  • and Q definitely, knowledgeably picked Jumping Jacks….errrrr, SSH 1 more time. Totally on purpose.
  • MOSEY to Martha Rivers fields

The Thang:

Interval Abs Circuit x 2:

  • LBCs x 50 OYO
  • WWI Sit-Ups x AMRAP, 30 seconds
  • Freddy Mercurys x AMRAP, 60, 30 seconds
  • Flutter Kicks x AMRAP, 30 seconds

Speed Circuit x 2:

  • Sprint 1/4 of soccer field then back to line for 10 Merkins
  • Sprint 1/2 of soccer field then back to line for 10 Merkins
  • Sprint 3/4 of soccer field then back to line for 10 Merkins
  • Sprint full soccer field then back to line for 10 Merkins

(Insert more mumble chatter about bad Q idea…)

Hey, my pudgy grandma jogs a few marathons every year, but what do you see Usain Bolt or Lebron James running?  Who’s body would you rather have? Sprints accelerate fat burn and build muscle. (Annnnnnnd Q’s back won’t allow me to “pound the pavement” for over an hour anymore so this is my tantrum towards all the long distance runners that surround me in F3.) Jealous tantrum over. Back to the workout…

Lat builder Circuit x 2:

  • Pull-ups, AMRAP 30 seconds
  • SSH x 60
  • Burpees x 10
  • Final burn out on Pull-ups, AMRAP

Mosey back to Sno-Balls – stopped for 6 and did LBCs

Pledge, announcements and COT.

Hope no one is too tired to take care of the Ms tonight on Valentines Day! May have seen a few panic-stricken eyes when I announced the date and mad dash to florist as pax exited parking lot!

Thanks for the push brothers! Aye!