• When: 02/13/2018
  • QIC: Medicine Woman
  • PAX: Hank, Volt, Roadie, Montross, Medicine Woman(QIC)

YHC rolled into the gloom at Folsom expecting another big crowd. To my surprise, Roadie was the only PAX present. No doubt Volt and Montross would post, but where is everybody else? Fartsack kept them forming hitting the DRP. 5:30 hits………


SSH, Hillbillies X15 IC



Mosey…….again, No Weinke and YHC noticed 2 PAX had some new pavement buffers. Let’s break them in. Like I said, Mosey. Oh crap, here comes Hank rolling in hot taking our side views off. He caught up. now continue around the park until we hit the lower shelter which was just over 1 mile. Nice work men. Grab a bench for DIPs, then Merkins, step ups, Freddy Mercury’s, x20 IC. Enough of the shelter, let’s mosey again for another mile and end up at the tennis courts. Line up for some Agassi’s.  Run suicides with of each court, but NUR back to start for escalation burpees. Mumble chatter was strong here. YHC hates to NUR, the bumb leg doesn’t care much for it either, but it’s good work. With .5 miles shy of a total of 3.1, Q calls laps til we hit the 5k mark. Fellowship mosey back to start.

Announcements; Snowbird, F3 Dads 2.0  event, Community Foundation run April

prayer lifted up and YHC took us out

thanks again for the opportunity to Q. Folsom has come a long way when it comes to running. Way to keep pushing and get stronger men!