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Day: February 9, 2018

Tophat’s Backblast…by Mayor

Sing the title to the “by mennen” tune.

Since Tophats refuses to get on twitter, F3 Gastonia for backblasts or slack, we are forced to do it for him so give him the push to get on there.

When I pulled in and was waiting I saw Boudin getting in some work trying to push it.  I also witnessed tophat putting out his trademark cones and placed workouts.  He takes the extra effort and laminates them.

Time came and 10 men were waiting.  He started with a mosey around the school lot and over to the cones.  Each  Pax picks a place and does the stated exercise and runs a lap when finished…Oh, and with two bricks (ALL THE TIME).  Some exercises had blocks and dumbbells.  Here’s what I remember.  Dumbbell chops, squats, seal jacks, overhead presses, merkins, curls and some others.

Finish, grab the coupons and mosey to the wall.  Different exercises called while pax partners run around the building.  Balls to the Wall, wall pushes, shoulder taps, electric chair.  At some point, halfway around the building we had to do five burpees.

Mosey back to cones and pick two exercises as a team pair and knock them out.  Mosey back to start.

2nd F Bowling is coming up next Friday 2/16 at Lake Wylies Bowl and Bounce.  Roscoe is getting together the F3 Dads (all family included) snowless tubing at Crowders Ridge.  See his backblast for more information.

Pretty good Q with some mumble chatter.

Prayers for Hippa and Abba coworkers.  Kiwi is doing better.  Teslas sister.

Sparky’s Revenge

17 PAX posted at Midoriyama  on Thursday keeping the monthly average right on track. Before the workout I received a call from Sparky requesting that I put a real hurtin on everyone. He also asked that I make sure they knew it was from him. I’m not sure who made him mad but I probably owe him one so I had to do it.


I didn’t have anything planned so we just did Don Q’s while Tooltime mumble chattered.

Let’s Mosey down the road to pick up our blocks.

The Thang:

Everyone has a block. Some are bigger than others(that’s what she said). Partner up.

Starting at one end of the parking lot run in opposite directions and meet at the other end for partner hand slap merkins. Run to the other end and do burpee’s. Always carry your block with you. We did these as 11’s but the merkins were actually twice that. Don’t tell the Midoriyama guys….you know they can’t count. Mummblechatter was strong at the beginning of this. Sometimes we talk too much and fail listen to the Q’s directions. Sometimes we have to pay for it! Eventually the only thing I heard was heavy breathing, talk of merlot and sore nipples! I have to admit this one hurt! Thanks to everyone pushing me and each other.

We put the blocks up and hit the hill for NUR up and NUR down x 5. Oompa had some scary moments but made it through. We sure don’t want him to have to hit the life alert while we are working out.

Mosey to another parking lot for the newly and pre-maturely named Victory March( we’ll get it next time). Victory March is a zombie walk with Bobby Hurley’s instead of squat.

The Nantan tried to call time but thanks to the PAX I have a fancy watch that keeps up with it. We’ve got time to do a few rounds of Joe Hendricks on the hill!

Mosey back to the flag for the Pledge.


Announcements- No Forge next Wednesday due to Valentine’s day. The week after come out for Def Leppard’s discussion on marriage. Bring your tissue’s.  Family event at Crowders Ridge and Bounce and bowl.

Prayer Request-Me, those battling addiction, Def Leppard


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