• When: 02/08/2018
  • QIC: Boudin
  • PAX: Monk, Gastone, D Fib, Hippa, Clavin, JJ, Whoopee, Boudin(QIC)

YHC started Wednesday putting the word out that he had the Q at The Pub.  When I showed up Whoopee was already getting some EC with a ruck sack on.  7 HIMs showed up eager to get some fresh oxygen into the system.   YHC offered a 3 and 5 mile option, but everyone signed up for 5.  We came , We ran,  We finished

Pledge (Clavin has a flag on the back of his truck if you ever need one)


Great work today! Always a pleasure to lead HIMs.  Keep posting and getting stronger. See you in the gloom.

I believe Spiderman has the Q at Downtown tomorrow.