Hopefully you have fully committed to changing some things about your habits for the next 40 days.  With the help of a few F3 friends, we will be providing periodic tips to help give you workout ideas and some tips for eating better.

Disclaimer:  I am no expert.  Consult your doctor before attempting anything that could endanger your health.  Modify as needed.  These are just suggestions, etc.

Myoplex shakes are an easy way to have some nutrition with you for when you need it.

Oatmeal!  Quick and easy to make and fills you up.  Add milk and some dried fruit.

Eggs are very cheap right now and are about the perfect food.  Hard boil a couple dozen and have a couple yolks and three or four egg whites.  Add salt and pepper or a your favorite salsa.

Drink more water!

For your workouts, hit your usual Saturday AO to get that first workout in on the first day.  If you find that you have time in the afternoon, go for a run and rest Sunday.  Otherwise, go to the Coconut Horse Sunday or NOGA for a ruck or run.  I guarantee you won’t remember the workout, just the great fellowship along the way.

Do sets of 25 reps for a number of exercises like at an F3 workout.  As many rounds as possible for at least 30 minutes.  Take a picture of your results and journal it so you can compete against yourself next time.  You know the ones that suck.  Do those!

Eat well tonight because tomorrow we are going to get better together.