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Day: January 17, 2018

Daily Dose of Mercins and LBCs

Before I was even out of the house this morning, I was in the running mode, running late that is. I arrived at the Storm with about 2 minutes to spare.  It was another cold morning ( I am starting like these 20 degree workouts), and when I pulled into the Storm, there were 8 PAX ready to go and the ninth one, Sarento, right on my tail. Let’s get this party started!

The Pledge

Warm up:

SSH x 25 IC

IW x 20 IC

Mercins x 15

Squats x 15 IC


Mosey up to the round a’ bout with the big statue. This Q is getting old and can’t see without reading glasses, so when we reached round a’ bout, Q asked Dolph to read next exercise from Wienke, of course Dolph said 10 burpees. Not yet Dolph! Oh yea, I remember now. 10 mercins and then run to other side of circle for 10 LBCs, rinse and repeat 5x.

Mosey on down the road to the football field parking area and along the way 5 burpees at each speed hump (Dolph 👍).

Next is BlackJack, more mercins and LBCs. start out with 1 Mercin, run to other side of parking area, about 30 yds and do 20 LBCs….After a few rounds, Q realized we needed to modify count since it was already 5:55am, so we ended exercise at count of 10. We then moseyed up to the school wall for final exercises. I think it went something like;

Squats 5x – run 15 yds and back

Dips 5 or 10x – run 15 yds and back

Steps-ups 10x – run  15 yds and back

Mountian Climbers 10x – run 15 yds and back

burpees 5x for the train.

Mosey back to starting point for Mary’s;

Flutter kicks – 15x IC

American Hammers – 15x IC


prayer request for Sarento’s mother in law, Mayor’s wife co-workers, and Abba’s family traveling to Disney.

Good workout brothers. We all need accountability for support and to push us to get stronger and be better men. Thank you F3  Gastonia for holding me accountable and pushing me to be stronger, a better man, husband, and father. Thank you for the opportunity to lead you this morning!



We are all unique snowflakes

No matter what Tyler Durden told you in Fight Club, you are unique and special. And gosh darn it, people like you.

With a 10 PAX, I mean 9(count off issues again), we broke in the day, pre-snow.  During the early mumble chatter, the drops of cold rain began to transform into fluffy white dead fairies that fell from the blazing sky.  Cold to the touch, yet refreshing to the pallet.  We dove right into this muscle builder routine right after the pledge, and in the process, crushed my old personal record of never-before-lead exercises(2).

Mosey to the cover drive through baking center 50 yards away.

Side Straddle Hops – 20 IC,   Squats 15 IC,   LBCs  20 IC,   Mountain Climbers  20 IC,   Imperial Walkers 10 IC
10 Merkins IC,  20 second rest,  10 Merkins IC,  20 second rest,  10 Merkins IC
10 Parker Peters IC, 10 Peter Parkers IC, 10 Parker Peters IC,  10 Peter Parkers IC,

Mosey to the protective cave of the former Teeter of Harris.

Sweat Angels – 20 IC
World War I snow angel – 10 OYO
Crunchy Frog – 10 IC
Imperial Squat Walker – 15 IC   These should be on regular rotation.
Dutch Skate – Pax lined up and Dutch Skated 2 laps inside the cave

Mosey 1 lap around the parking lot, stopping twice for 2 sets of Monkey Humpers  – 10 IC

Mountain Climber Merkins – 15 IC
Outlaws – 10 Per side
Wall of Fire Routine  –  PAX  do People’s chair, 2 at a time hit 10 IC merkins 10 IC LBCs
Captain Morgan  – 10 IC per leg
Star Jack Burpee – 10 OYO

Mosey 1 lap around the parking lot, stopping twice for 2 sets of Monkey Humpers  – 10 IC

The Wolverine Burpees –  10 OYO
Captain Thor –  10 OYO
Cheerleaders  – 15 IC

Mosey back to Sno Balls
Imperial Walkers – 10 IC
Standing Sun Gods – 10 ish
Moroccan Night Clubs – 10 ish
Don Quixote – 6 ish


This workout snuck up on me.  At some point I had to sit out an exercise as I became light headed. It was either the intense workout or the dazzling beauty of snow falling on the empty parking lot.  Not much on  the strenuous cardio, but a heck of a pump.  Thanks to the PAX for being there and being strong!

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