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Day: January 14, 2018

Outwork Yesterday

13 Pax showed at the Fighting Yank for some early sweat on a cold morning.  Had a new face among us – Brian Hedgepath, who embodied the entire spirit of F3.  At the end of the workout as we were making our way back to the Yank out Nantan was bringing him in.  Tool time told him they were close enough to walk it in, Kiwi’s reply was that he would rather push it all the way.  Nice job!!  Enjoyed having you!!

Warm-up: We had to celebrate my Alabama Crimson Tide winning its 17th national football championship so here we go:  SSH 17 X IC, Alabama Ass Kickers 17 X each leg IC, 17 squats OYO

The Thang: Mosey around back of Sammy’s Pub to McLeod and back up to Main St and Myrtle.  We started to make our way up Myrtle by running to the second utility pole and the backward lunging back to the first pole and then doing a merkin.  Then run to third utility pole and backward lunge back to second pole and perform two merkins.  Continue to the end of Myrtle.  Mid way up the hill at the dentist office we pit stopped into the parking lot and performed either 30 box jumps or 30 step ups on each leg on the retaining wall.  A crowd pleaser after those backward lunges.  Q misjudged how long backward lunges would take, so we finished the hill by running to the top.

At the top of the hill we crossed Central ave to parking lot of First Baptist church.  There we circled up for a game of duck duck goose F3 style.  All pax on your six and begin American hammers while first PAX  circled the group.  When he made his circle, next man up.  Continue around the circle with dying cock roach, flutter kicks, peter parker, WW I, and LBC’s.  Five burpee train penalty.

Mosey around corner to bottom of hill and Hill street and Oak street.  Time for triple nickel.  Five burpees at bottom of hill, and five diamond merkins at top, five repetitions.  Another five burpee train penalty.

Mosey behind school for 11’s. with  everyone’s favorite, curb squats and Mike Tysons.  Grab some curb squat all the way down pop back up and feel some serious burn.  Those were tough.

Head back to the Yank for pledge and to learn about our FNG.

Spent just a moment talking about how we don’t have to be perfect, we only need to try each day to be a little better than we were the day before.  We will stumble, and sometimes we will fall, but we have our brothers there to help along the way.  Most of all we serve a living God that can take any path we are on, or have followed  in the past and bring us to the place He wants us to be.

Remember this week those out with illness and injury, and those that haven’t been seen in a while, reach out any time you can.

Painlab – Rule of 3

Colder than what we’ve had, mostly due to that wind.  I wondered how cold our circle  would be for the 2018 relaunch of Painlab, but whatever.  We ain’t scared.  Started out the morning seeing regular Oompa Loompa,  Madoff running his son Messi, an FNG (HIPAA), and a Kotter in Hot for Teacher.  That’s a healthy mix!  Others joined, then 3 jokers with heavy bookbags came running in.  Were they campers?

We warmed up with the Bootcampers, then HFT, Oompa, Flush and I grabbed our cinderblocks & kettlebells and headed for the circle.  I just now remember i forgot to get Flush my duct-tape for his cinderblock.  Cripes!  Reminded everyone to MODIFY as needed!  We then did 5 minutes of shadow boxing and other calisthenics to get loose.  Part of getting Painlab back on track is that I need to bring a Q lesson, so today is Rule of 3.  Things break down really easily into 3’s, and one of my favorite is Lou Holtz’s 3 rules for being a solid human.

Always do the Right thing

Always do the Best you can

Treat others how you’d like to be treated.

So let’s make a workout out of those!  And work 3 body parts – Pectorals, Triceps and Quadrilateral muscles.

Phase 1 – Do the Right thing.  To me, the right thing meant putting in the proper hard work.  So we did this:

Drop sets, where we do these exercises in succession, then 1 minute break before repeating.

  • Merkins Max-Out – French Curls – Squats (x 2 sets….max out or cap reps at 20)

-Decline Merkins – KickBacks – Lunges (x 2 sets, max out or cap reps at 20)

  • Pull-Overs – Diamond Merkins – Romanian Dead Lift (x 2 sets, max out or cap reps at 20)

Flush looked at me like I was on drugs when I said to max out on Merkins.  I forgot he can do about 148 in a row 😉

Phase 2 – do the Best you can.  To me, this means doing your best for a partner, so parter up!  HFT and I, Oompa and Flush were the tag teams.

3 minute interval.  One partner busts their tail to do as much as they can, then swaps exercises with their partner when they are smoked.

ROUND 1 – Rotational Push Up (20) – SWAP – Half Moons

ROUND 2 – Divebombers (OMAHA to Diamond Merks!) – SWAP – High Shelfs

ROUND 3 – Bridge French Curls – SWAP – Mountain Climbers

HFT pointed out that while I was concerned about cardio, this fit the bill quite well!  And what I love about Oompa always being there, if an exercise looks or sounds ridiculous, he leads the MODIFY charge.  Solid guy.  I’d also like to point out that HFT didn’t recognize the training montage music from Rocky 4.  SHAME.

Phase 3 – treat everyone well.  So here’s a chance to either be dastardly to folks, or be kind, or kinda both!  This was a guessing game.   One guy thinks of an exercise, and a number between 1 and 10.  FIrst guy guesses the number, if wrong we do that many of the exercise, and the man who is being guessed at tells us if he was “Hi or Lo”.  So you could say Burpees and 10, and be a cruel man, or say LBC and 1 and take it easy.  Proud to say every number was north of 5, so kind of fun.

Then a bunch of Cowbells  started ringing.  Here came a herd of HIMS!  They rounded us up, I led 7 minutes of Mary (thanks Whoopee), and then the bells rang.

Moleskin:  Fun to get PL back going, I appreciate the opportunity to give back to F3, which has brought me much more physically and spiritually.  Remember to headlock folks out there, that may be too scared to run or have some other non-life threatening thing, but need to fill that hole of bonding and fellowship.  More mumblechatter next time!  And I would really love some Q volunteers.



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