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Day: January 13, 2018

Get Off My Wienke


It was suggested to me by Blart that he and I should co-Q today, and by the time I realized he was serious it was Wednesday. So, thank you Pizza Man for giving up your Q sir.

Quick warm up mosey to kill time for Sparkys arrival.
Warm Up: SSH, Mtn Climbers, Hillbillies, and grass pickers. All IC and we did 10 each….maybe (Midoriyama)

Since as twins we have grown accustom to sharing things. We figured we’d Q together (Our M’s refer to this quality time as Twin Time)

The Thang:
Blart’s Turn: Colt 45’s: Curls, Upward Rows, Tricep Presses 45 Reps each w a lap in between. Mosey to the Tennis Courts for Indian plank w 5 Burpees

AshPond’s Turn: Rugby Sprints 3 courts long. SSH. MTN Climbers. Flutter Kicks. Hillbillies and something I don’t remember count doesn’t matter.

Blart: Mosey to the Amphitheater for…..yep, wall work. Step Ups, Mike Tyson’s, Hip Slappers 10-IC. Rinse n Repeat.

AshPond: Called Dora 123, but with time running out I had to Omaha to AB work. Some Pax got in 50-100 CDD’s though.
Ab Work: Flutters, Sandy V’s, Rosalita’s, Leg Climbers, Homer Marge and my favorite. 50 American Hammers (counting only one side) way to push through guys.

Cameos by: T-Square, Swimmer, Tadpole, Excite Bike, and Madden


COT: I love my big brother, he’s a rock and my best friend. Nuff Said

Prayers for: Injured Pax, Family who lost everything in fire, Rooster Runners


More Cowbell

Twas a cold and chilly morning in the Gashouse. We had 3 for some EC with a stroll through the area with some weight. I think I may actually like the rucking-good fellowship and had some laughs. Need to come out with us sometime and try it. All it takes is a backpack with some weight, and actually, the weight is optional-no one really checks it anyway….

We got back with 2 min to spare and got to it.

Disclaimer for the FNG-I met him earlier this week and his sounded like a good fit-pretty much where a lot of us were prior to F3-high school athlete, family, some friends, put on a little weight over the last year, wanted to exercise but none of his wife’s friend’s husbands were really into it…..I could tell you more about him but it would be a HIPPA violation…..

WU: 10 or so SSH, Squats, Merkins, Flutter Kicks, then 5 burpees OYO then the Pledge.

PainLab went 1 direction and we headed to the library. We started with 1 min of called exercise AMRAP with 2 rounds of each: High Knees, Flutter Kicks, Squats, and Merkins. Thanks to the Pax for remembering this Monkish part for me. My short term memory is not so good. We then partnered up and P1 started lunging through the parking lot while P2 did 3 burpees then ran to catch P1. Swap positions and continue this process around the lot and back to start. At this point the lunges were not fun for me so I Omaha’d-next 2 laps would be (I think) SSH X 5 and Mountain Climber X 10 but instead of lunges, it was Nur. This was better and still provided adequate burn.

Next, mosey to Grier Middle School field and pick up my wife’s cowbells that were secretly hidden earlier this am during the ruck recon mission. We listened to a little Blue Oyster Cult on the way. Think ShortSale made some comments about his favorite musical artist George Strait along the way but I was too focused to let it deter me from my Weinke. The plan was an exercise called the Bear Hunt. The Q had some trouble setting up, but that was merely part of my plan, sort of, maybe. I really wanted to allow you to catch your breath. Partner up again. P1 bear crawls 1 direction. P2 runs about 30 yards to cowbell and rings it then runs back to catch P1. At this point, P1 picks up P2 (piggy back, fireman, by the nose…however) and carries back to the start. We did 3 rounds each, then we did 1 more because we could. We had some time left, so we did a few arm squats then I pulled one from Stroganoff’s playbook on the way back to start and juked left instead of right and we did some Hip Slappers-2 rounds of 10. Somewhere above we did 5 burpees for the train that I heard sometime in the past 24 hours. We moseyed back to start and joined forces with the PainLab for some Mary led by Rudolph then the COT and naming the FNG-HIPPA.

Great work this am. We had an FNG that I think will be back soon-he was making sure about Monday’s workout before he left so if you see him this next week, make him feel welcome. Remember how life changing this F3 thing can be-we all know it firsthand. Kudos to T Square for this past week collecting things for the family with the fire tragedy this week. Think he was in Folsom this am for his 6th workout in as many days to collect these things. Send him a message if you have something to add.


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