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Day: January 10, 2018

Forty Days of Discipline Pre-Blast

The best way to develop habits is to have the discipline and willpower to follow through with your plans.  I struggle to be disciplined in all things and so I am looking to have a little added accountability from my F3 brothers in an effort to be a little more intentional about health and wellness.  Here is what you can help me with and if you are interested please join me!  This 40 day challenge begins on January 20th and ends on February 28th.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:  Workout a minimum of 5x per week from Jan 20 through Feb 28.  Don’t eat sweets, soft drinks, or junk food.  Four cheat meals.  You can earn more.  Don’t drink alcohol or if you do, limit it to one or two drinks.  Hold yourself accountable by tracking your efforts your efforts.

What is required?


You must work out a minimum of 5 times per week (at least 27 workouts in 40 days) using the #F3 250 model.  Any workout that is a minimum of 30 minutes counts.  This could include running, cycling, rucking, any F3 workout or workout you put together at home.  “Two a day” workouts count.  Example, you complete an F3 bootcamp in the morning and a minimum 30 minute jog in the afternoon=2 workouts.

Diet:      No gluten.  (Just kidding.  If we did this our COT would last all morning because everyone would have to talk about it.)

No Mountain Dew (T-Square), other soft drinks, desserts, sweets, potato chips, junk food, fast food, etc.  You know what your food vices are so stay away from them.  Fast food is allowed if it is salad or chili or eat the grilled chicken without the bun.  No fried foods.

Protein shake within 30 minutes of ending the workout.  This is the only expense. Get some protein powder and a shaker bottle and make it a habit.   Drink more water.  Google what “eating clean” means and stick to it.

You are allowed four cheat meals during this challenge and because this challenge falls during my birthday month I will be eating pizza and ice cream at least once.  Cheat meals must be named and claimed so if you “accidentally” find yourself having that chocolate covered brownies on a day you didn’t plan to cheat, then that is one of your cheat meals.  Tough stuff.  There is no try…only do.

If you work out more than 5 times per week, you can claim an extra cheat meal.  An example is a couple of slices of pizza but don’t blow it on a whole pizza.  Even though you will be getting the workouts in you can’t out work a bad diet.

Alcohol:  I am no nutritionist but have seen enough articles about red wine being good for the heart and beer being a good recovery drink.  However, you are an adult and I am not recommending anything here.  Moderation and limit yourself to one day a week if you have to have it.

You must keep a daily journal of both your workouts and cheat meals. The journal is for your eyes only.  (I use the “notes” on my Iphone since I always have it with me.  I tracked all my workouts on my phone in 2017.  It is helpful to look back and see what you did and when.  It is also helpful to make notes about any injuries or other worthy things to note.  You can also see where you failed to work out and why.  It is a good habit.

I will be sending some tips along the way like healthy snacks in between meals and some “garage” workouts that don’t require weights and welcome anyone else to do the same.  I have heard from some of you on Slack that you are doing this with me and I appreciate it!  Start now getting your mind right and try to push yourself to do a little extra leading up to this challenge.  Good habits are hard to break!

Folsom Recruit Day

After some rain last night, YHC was not very optimistic about how many Post at Folsom. Seems like cold and rain together keeps them in the fartsack. I had an obligation knowing there was a possibility of 2 FNGs so I hit the road and rolled into the gloom. There’s Roadie waiting. Oh yeah here come the headlights. Sparky, Volt, Hank and 2 unknown vehicles roll in. Q calls Moroccan Night Clubs TIL PAX are all circled up. 5:30 hits, let’s roll.

Disclaimer; YHC was reminded to announce it. Been a while since we’ve had an FNG. After the to-the-point disclaimer, FNGs we’re looking a little nervous.


SSH, Hillbillies, Toy Soldiers X15 IC

Mosey to the park entrance, taking a detour around the old shelters. It was more like slip n slide to the park entrance. Black ice was all over, and The Q was very cautious not to break another leg and warned the PAX the same.

Pledge; even though there was a Shovel Flag at start!


LBCs x20 IC, big boys x 20 OYO. Mosey down around to the pond parking lot for some Route 66. FNGs “this ain’t so bad.” Line up, Bobby Hurley’s lung walk each line to 11. Mumble chatter got pretty heavy after about 4, which included some of the normal PAX. Mosey on around the walking track to the lower shelter. Grab a bench for step ups x15 IC, Arm Squats c15 IC, rinse repeat. Slow mosey out to the lot. Four corners. Merkins here x10, corner 2 merkins x10-mountainclimbers x20, corner 3 merkins x10-cclimbers x20-squats x30, corner 4 merkins x10-climbers x20-squats x30-LBCs x40. Plank for the six. Time running out and 2 FNGs to name, mosey back to start.


cot, prayers for Huss Family, PAX families

namorama, Welcome Montross and Jorge

YHC took us out in prayer

always an honor to Q men. Great work and thanks for your encouragement and fellowship.

The Grunt’s of Gain

16 of Gastonia’s best men came to Snoball’s on a warm winter morning for bootcamp from Gastone. The Gloom was alive and the guys were ready to go.

The Thang:

20 SSH

10 3 count Merkins

(Spiderman spotted)

20 Imperial Walkers

Mosey down the road to the hill near the drug store.


Middle of the hill we found a partner. One partner to the top of the hill and the other to the bottom and back. Once at the middle 10 partner Merkins then reverse direction and rinse an repeat. 5x

Plank, right arm right leg then the left

Mosey to the bottom of Gastone’s hill.

To the top and on the way 10 Squats at every mailbox on the left.

50 LBC’s at the top.

Back down the hill.

To the top again with 10 Sumo Squats at every mailbox. (This was a crowd favorite the guys seemed to have lots of excitement)

75 LBC’s at the top.

Mosey down the hill.


Mosey back but on the way we stopped at all the street lights for Merkin fun.

20 Merkins, 20 CDD, 10 Diamonds, 20 Wide Arm Merkins, 20 Merkins, 40 LBC’s, 20 CDD, 20 Merkins, 20 Merkins

Right on time back from which we came.

The Moleskin:

Great temperature this morning and as always a great group of guys. Sargento showed up for sure, good work brother. Timeframe, your regular improvement is noticed, keep up the great work.

For years in Charlotte I listened to Mumble Chatter about hands on your hips. Often talked about that leading men an having your hands on your hips would cause other to do so. You can relate this lesson to many things in life because people are always watching. I try to relate this lesson to many things in my life such as time with family, integrity in the office, how I talk about people, kindness, workouts, and many more. Try to infect other people with all this good and you are making a difference even if it takes years to figure it out.

Many prayers for friends and family going through some very hard things, raise them up.

Gastone honored to be a part and to Q,


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