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Day: January 5, 2018

Weak Q

12 PAX posted at Midoriyama on a cold windy Thursday night! I received a bit of a challenge the night before at Forge. An unnamed PAX insinuated my Q’s weren’t that strong. So challenge accepted.


Don Q’s x 10ic

On your 6 for basically Don Q’s lying down x 5ic then another set of something very similar x 5ic. Your Welcome unnamed PAX!

It’s cold let’s go!

The Thang:

I got a damaged fairly weighty tire from work to keep at Midoriyama so let’s take it to our hiding spot. Each PAX numbered off. Starting with number 1 we would take turns flipping it down the road. All other PAX would run to a spot picked down the road and back then the next PAX would take over flipping. So on and so forth until we reached our destination.

Next up we hit the hill for 11’s. WWI’s at the bottom and Bobby Hurley’s at the top. NUR up the hill. Grunts and complaints started on the 2nd NUR up the hill. It was noted that the unnamed PAX was not fully stretching those WWI’s out. You vs You I guess but I felt cheated by my brother.

Mosey to the turd shack for a prison inspired workout I saw in a magazine(not while I was in prison). Partner up. P1 Wall sits while P2 does tri-dips off of P1’s knees. Do 10 each for 5 rounds.

Next P1 does a squat and P2 puts his feet on P1’s knees and does 10 derkins. Switch and do 5 rounds.

Next P1 does BTTW while P2 runs about 30 yds and back. Switch and do 5 rounds. Man that sucked!

Running low on time we headed for the turd shack near the flag.

Everyone wall sit. Starting at one end we took turns doing 10 squat jumps. If anyone gets up off the wall we start over. In hindsight I will start this at the opposite end from where I am because the wall sit really kicks in after the squat jumps.



Announcements- Joe Davis Run this Saturday, Forge on Wednesday nights at 6:30 at Grits N Greens, The Rooster 1/20 we have 3 teams going

Prayer Request-Good news for Aerials daughter, Tooltime-Rusty has passed on, Injured PAX



Tclaps to all the PAX that came out tonight. It’s tough when the weather gets like this. Midoriyama sees the extreme’s of hot and cold but we get through it together! Good to have Wheezy out at Midoriyama! To the unnamed PAX I hope this was a decent enough workout for you!

Best Post Ever

You just had to have been there.


























Mosey to parking deck.

Side Straddle Hops

Mosey to pavillion.


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