Def Leppard reached out last week to see if I wanted a Q after the New Year, is that a real question?  Of course!!! Let me have Tuesday, the first Q at Midoriyama after the New Year.  Defib and I got in some EC but it was really to get our bodies warmed up on this frigid night.  With time approaching, I put on a new shirt that my M and 2.0 got me for Christmas…it reads “I AM THE PIZZA MAN”.   The 16 HIMs that showed for the Pizza Man delivery really liked it.  17:30 hits and it’s time to begin…it went like this:



X-Factors X 10 IC (Definitely a crowd pleaser)

10 Burpees OYO

Now with the warm-up complete, let’s mosey.  QIC had keeping it moving on his mind but also wanted to work some hills into this delivery.  We moseyed to the asphalt hill that takes you down to the lake for Triple Nickel.   The PAX were to perform 5 burpees at the bottom of the hill and 5 WW1s at the top….rinse and repeat 5 times.  Not much mubblechatter while doing this but what the Q was pushing was that no matter what obstacles you may face in your life (Hills tonight),  you have two choices…turn the other way/choose another route or to push through it and do everything you can to make you better and make the best of the situation.  Great work by the PAX!!!  With that complete, let’s mosey back to the parking lot for Route 66.  Now that basketball season is in full swing, QIC wanted the PAX to feel the pain of Duke so Bobby Hurley’s it is.  Definitely a crowd pleaser…let’s mosey to another parking lot for 11’s.  One side of the parking lot we performed Mike Tysons  and the other side curb squats (or Tiger get ups).  Thanks to Tiger for introducing these to me during his VQ a couple weeks ago.  With time nearing, the PAX heading back to the flag for 22 for the VETS lead by Oompa.  Time!!

Great work by all the HIMs that posted today!!  Just remember that in all aspects of life you will face obstacles and the question is…will you choose a different route or face them heads up, push through, and make the best of every situation??   Hopefully with faith in the Lord and ALL the support that surrounds you; you can conquer any obstacles that you face!!!  Thanks for the opportunity to lead such a great group of HIMs!!!

Until next time Pizza Man is OOOOOOUUUUUUUTTTTT



Forge on Wednesday nights 6:30-7:30 @ Grits and Greens in Lowell.

Joe Davis – Jan 6th

Rooster – Jan 20th

Prayer Request:

Ariel’s daughter, Rusty and Family, PAX on IR, Glenn Jackson, and any others that I missed or weren’t mentioned