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Day: December 30, 2017

The Buck stops here

It was a great day to post to an F3 workout in the Gashouse.  Short Sale and I EH’d a friend to come to the workout and Short Sale even picked him up this morning.  Actually our friend’s M and 2.0’s were giving him grief so he couldn’t back down.  His message to us the night before was and I quote, “kill me now”.  I tried to think of a scalable beatdown that would be appropriate for all fitness levels.  Partner work seemed to be the best so I borrowed and modified a favorite from C-Span and set out some coupons a little early.

A total of 16 showed up with two FNG’s.  We also welcomed back Emoji who made his first post last Saturday.  T-Square brought a 2.0 with him to share the Gloom.  A brief disclaimer and introduction to F3 (it’s free and money back guarantee) and we began the warmup which included SSH, Appalachian Americans, Squats, Merkins, and LBC’s.  Since the painlab was closed we descended onto the nature trail and to the flag for the Pledge and a countoff and second core principal (peer led).

Then we were off to the FPC newly paved parking lot.  YHC began to introduce the “Thang” when he saw TimeFrame and Google coming up the hill.  No one including me realized they were back there (Q-fail).  The first lesson of TheTraveler’s Gift was shared.  “The Buck stops here.”  Stop making excuses for yourself. F3 is available to all men.

There were ten parking spaces with written exercises in each space.  Partner up and get to it.  Partner one runs a lap around the circle while partner two performs the exercise for cumulative combined reps.  The exercises were: 100 Jump Rope, 100 LBC’s, 100 Merkins, 100 Flutter Kicks, 50 burpees, 150 Squats, 100 dumbell shoulder shrugs, 100 shoulder taps, 100 Seal Jacks, and 100 Mountain Climbers.  The lesson of this is that in life everyone goes through the same things at different times.  It was a good push and even though our FNG QT said during a lap that he blacked out we all made it through without anyone splashing merlot.

Next we moseyed to the Grier track.  Partner One runs to the middle of the field and touches the football (YHC placed it there before the workout) and back to partner two who is lunge walking the track.  Whoopee stole the football so we had to take it back to the field.   We completed about half a lap but due to time we Omaha’d and moved on to Frisbee throws.  FNG QT threw the Frisbee onto the field and all the PAX chased it and then completed 10 burpees.  They repeated something like this again while Whoopee and I placed the cones that Short Sale brought to outline the football field.  We broke into two teams and played Ultimate Frisbee rules football for the remaining time.

Team one was superior to Team two today.  I think they had more players and they had JJ who was always in the right spot to make a play.  Plus the usually gentlemanly Stroganoff had on a company futbol jersey with number 90 like Julius Peppers and was handchecking more than Harvey Weinstein.  Emoji was in full momentum and almost crushed JJ into a little Reddick meatball but somehow JJ survived.  T-Square was a chameleon and kept pretending he was on Team two who kept throwing him the ball.  Next time we will play shirts and skins to better differentiate the teams.  By all accounts of Team two Emoji caught the game winner however Team One threw the challenge flag and it was overturned as Emoji had stepped out of the back of the endzone.  Team one quickly capitalized on the lull in the action and caught team two resting and threw several strikes down the field for the win.  As we collected the cones and moseyed back to start the bells were already ringing, signaling the end of the workout.  (Q-fail #2)  We circled up and named out FNG’s “Paw Paw” and “QT”.   At some point I covered all 5 core principles of F3 and got to the second lesson of The Travelers Gift…”seek wisdom”.  We should all strive to learn all we can from each other.  The more you know the more you realize you don’t know.  That brings on more humility and makes us more open to listening.

We had a large number at Coffeerama and we learned that Emoji has claustrophobia and that QT once crawled up the Grand Canyon on his hands and knees in the dark while getting soiled in Donkey scat.

Prayer requests go out to T-Square’s M and there was one more that I forget (Q-Fail #3) but I remembered it as we closed in the COT.

I am thankful for my F3 brothers and look forward to 2018 and the continued stories of changed lives and community impact.

See you tomorrow for a run at 0630 at either the Coconut Horse (Harris Teeter in SWGA)  or Common Ground in Stanley (NOGA?  EAGA?)

I Got It, You Take It!

There were 19 on the schedule to Q this morning, but ultimately YHC showed up with biggest weinke and was given the honor.

Keesh and Pizza Man were finishing a run, but were scared when they found out YHC had the Q and backed down.

We moseyed to Hawthorne for a triple nickel.  Burpees at the bottom and monkey humpers at the top.  Flush, Tool Time and Boudin all thought it was a triple triple, but were quickly corrected.

Then we moseyed to the back of the middle school for a little wall work.  It went something like this:

30 second wall sit
10 hip slappers
40 second wall sit
10 hip slappers
50 second wall sit
10 hip slappers
60 second wall sit
10 hip slappers

Then we partnered up and did some Dora 1-2-3 with a couple extra exercises, so essentially some Dora 0.1-0.25-1-2-3:

10 pullups (each)
25 leg throws (each)
100 merkins (combined)
200 squats (combined)
300 LBCs (combined)

It was now time for some Corewood!  Tool Time did some “back seat driving” and was highly critical of how YHC ran this portion of the beat down.  Here are the exercises we did:

Crunchy Frog
Heels to Heaven
Pretzel Crunches
Dying Cockroaches
American Hammers
Freddy Mercuries

Short mosey back to the flag for the pledge where Pizza Man met up with us after what I believe was his SECOND run this morning!

Being that this was the last workout of 2017 at the Yank, I decided to mix in some 2017 trivia.  Some things we learned – The one hockey question I had was answered correctly, but not by Tool Time.  Tool Time thought Bitcoin showed a 1,792,632% gain during the year.  And the pax do not know their horse racing.


  • Speed for Need race next week
  • Convergence at 0700 at Dark Knight/Pelicans/Snoballs/Martha’s on 1/1
  • Rooster marathon relay 1/20

Prayer Requests

  • Rusty and his family
  • Amy and her family



Thanks guys, I had a blast!


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