YHC contacted site Q Dolph Wednesday evening to see who had the Q Thursday at the Goat. An idea had come to mind and YHC wanted to share it with everyone. This meant that Dolph postponed his beatdown until a later date. You’re welcome men. This is what I remember…


Moroccan Night Clubs x Infinity at high speed IC until Short Sale came in hot

Mosey to the bottom of the lot where there was light to see my weinke for The Thang.

Alphabet Soup: Go through the alphabet picking an exercise beginning with each letter. So much fun!!! All exercises would be completed with 20 reps (or some version of counting YHC felt was appropriate).

A – Alternating Shoulder Taps IC

B – Burpees OYO

C – Carolina Dry Docks

D- Daniel Sons IC (awesome!)

E – E2K IC (look it up)

F – Fairy Jacks OYO

G – Gorilla Humpers IC (ouch)

At this point YHC was notified that he hadn’t given a disclaimer. I am not a professional. Any recommendations are merely suggestions. Is your V sandy?

H – Hip Slappers IC (this is where the counting started to slide)

I – Imperial Walkers IC

J – Jack Ass Merkins (not nearly as easy as you would think)

K – King of Hearts (whiny mumble chatter was shared by more than one PAX)

L – Lt. Dans (more mumble chatter because YHC moved from his start position but stopped, half the PAX kept going, the rest never moved)

M – Mountain Climbers IC

N – Newton’s Cradle IC

O – Outlaw (10 each direction)

P – Peter Parkers IC

Q – Quadriphilia (performed on the best hill available to the song Black by Sevendust)

R – Rosalita IC

S – Side Straddle Hops IC

T – The Chinook IC

U – Up Straddle Hops IC (10 each leg)

V – V-Up Roll-Up IC kind of

W – Werkins OYO

X – X Factor IC (this was a real crowd pleaser)

Y – Yeah! (performed to said song by Usher, Ludacris and Little John – YHC felt this was a much better choice than the slow, boring country song listed in the exercise register. The PAX would hold the Al Gore position and do a squat every time Yeah was said. Good times!)

Time’s up but the PAX didn’t feel it was right to end without finishing! AYE!!!

Z – Zebra Kicks OYO

Prayer requests: Coworker of Mayor and Dolph passed unexpectedly. Please keep his family in your prayers.

Announcements: Joe Davis run, New Year’s Day workout at Martha’s House

Thank you for the opportunity men. I appreciate you putting up with me!

Sargento out!