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Day: December 20, 2017

Football and Rugby Sprints

10 strong on a perfect day for a workout at Midoriyama. Slaw thankfully had his shirt on. Pizza Man got in an extra 1.5 miles (EC) in probably 10 minutes. Great to have JJ with us for his first visit to Midoriyama and it’s always good to have a fellow Tarheel fan. I knew many of our HIM’s have a busy time in this season so I was happy with the turnout. Believe it or not, you will definitely miss all of the kid’s holiday programs and activities when they are gone! Let’s get after it.

Warmup was short. SSH x 5, Cotton Pickers x 5, Hillbillies x 5. Mumblechatter started, even with no Freight or Tool Time.

Mosey to the parking lot near softball Field #4 to find 5 parking spots with sidewalk chalk listing 5 exercises:

10 burpees, 20 Flutter Kicks, 30 CDD’s, 40 Squats, 50 Seal Jacks with each guy starting in a different parking spot. Run a lap around the two parking lots after each exercise. Some guys got in more than a cycle but Q stopped after one cycle. Reminder that this exercise is a lot like our lives. It may seem others are way ahead of you but we each start in different places and have to keep running our own race each day. Each guy is running the same race as you so be open to help each other when you can.

Mosey to the playground, several 2.0’s playing, Omaha, so keep moseying to the small soccer field. 2 bricks awaiting each Pax on the soccer field end line.

Curls x 50

On Your Six Chest Presses x 50

Put down the blocks for Freddie Mercuries (14 IC or so) until Q says Sprint, then sprint to the mid field line, sprint back to the end line then walk back to the mid field line (Sprint, sprint, walk which is suppose to imitate a Rugby match).

WWI’s (OYO) at midfield until Q says Sprint, then sprint to end line, sprint back to mid field line, then walk back to end line. (Wojo would have loved these.)

Repeat this starting with the curls. Crowdpleaser!

Mosey back to playground for 5 pullups, 10 American Hammers x 3 sets.

Mosey to the parking lot near the turd shack for Frisbee Rules Football. YHC had a nice size area with pylons marking the end zones. Pax counted off and split into teams. Had this been traditional football, I believe my team would have easily won, but playing this less than manly version of the game, the other team squeaked out a very close one but I can’t seem to remember the very close score. Speed seemed to be the deciding factor as Pizza Man and Sister Act together were a blur in the gloom! They even ran a basketball fast break one time but traveling was called. There were several Unnecessary Roughness/Illegal Contact penalties that were missed but I am sure fines will be applied when the league office reviews the tape.

I had a short word asking each guy to think about goals for 2018 and be planning on ways to accomplish those in the new year. Remember the Reason for the Season!

Mosey back to the flag. Pledge. 22 for the Vets led by Oompa Loompa. Announcements, Joe Davis Run in Fort Mill Jan. 6th.

Prayer Requests


*I challenge each Pax to try to post a little more in 2018 and EH a few more guys! An F3 saying is so true, “F3 was what I didn’t know I needed.” I was in pretty good shape, had a few good friends, always tried to live out my faith but F3 has increased all of those areas in my life. Thanks for the chance to lead and thanks to all of the F3 Gastonia HIM’s for a great year!


Smack The Elf

16 brave men came out to Snoballs for a Gastone Q in the rain.


The Thang:

20 SSH

10 Merkins

Mosey around baseball field circle.

Then we played Slap The Elf.

4 pictures of elves. 2 at the top of the hill and 2 at the bottom.  First Elf at the top of the hill 10 Burppes then smack the Elf.  Go to the next Elf and do 10 Sumo Squats then Smack.  Bottom of hill 1 hand release Merkin then Smack The Elf. Next Elf 1 Squat then Smack. Keep going until you have flipped the numbers and completed the double elevens.

Mosy to the back of the soccer fields to the bottom of the hill to woods.20 Monkey Humpers run backwards up hill to bench.Lunge Down then 20 Monkey Humpers. Backwards up then lunge down. 20 Monkey Humpers. Backwards up then lunge down.

Backeards around soccer fields all the way to the pull up bar. (Or hanging bar)

Mosey through the woods to street for 200 yards of backwards run to the finish.

The Moleskin:

Everyone was strong today and did a great job. Stroganoff you did good as well. The Elf was a picture of Whoopee that I found of him online that his wife had posted when he dressed as a gnome for something. Little photo work and he was converted.

Thanks it is always an honor. Gastone Out






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