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Day: December 16, 2017

Twelve Days of Christmas

Woke up this morning at 3:30am ready for a Saturday workout. Once I realized how early it was and I had a couple more hours to sleep, I got a glass of water and then went back to bed. After a little more sleep, I got up and headed to the Yank to get my day started with a good F3 workout. Arrived around 6:50am and several PAX were already there, waiting in their warm cars until for the beatdown to begin. By 7am, 14 PAX  came out despite it being a cool 25 degrees.  I guess they wanted to check out the twelve gifts I mentioned in my tweet the night before or they thought this VQ’s workout was going to be light and easy. Either way, I am glad they showed up for a good beatdown at the Yank!

With a quick disclaimer and then pledge, we started with a warm up:

SSH= 20x IC

Imperial Walkers = 15x IC

Peter Parkers = 20x IC


We then did a mosey mile and completed with 5x burpees. After that, moseyed up to Field of Dream to receive the 12 gifts of Christmas. We broke up into four groups and each group started at each corner of the track. Each corner was an exercise x12; mosey to the next corner to complete next exercise. After each lap, count down the exercises until we reached “A Partridge in a Pear Tree” (1x per exercise) for a total of 12 laps. Mtn Climbers, Merkins, Side Straddle Hop, and Monkey Humpers were the four exercises performed. I think I heard someone mutter something about this was going to be an easy workout, but I think they were surprised. We also had one group singing the “Twelve Days of Christmas” as they were running laps.

Next exercise was a Tesla Special, Bear Crawl Slalom. We were going to get two opportunities to crawl, but with the number of PAX, one crawl was sufficient. Tesla, thanks for the challenge, it was a hit with all!  I say that with sarcasm.

To finish up, we moseyed to Heartbreak Hill for merkins x5 and sprint up hill and mosey down, rinse and repeat x2.



LBCs x15 IC

American Hammers x15 OYO

Flutter Kicks x15 IC

Nolan Ryans x15 IC



VQ gave a brief testimony on his 10 year anniversary of breaking a habit. Prayer request from Tool Time of a family going through some challenging times. Prayer for PAX that have recently lost loved ones and not having them around during the Christmas season.

Thanks for all PAX that came out and thanks for chance to lead. Great workout to all!

“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13

Q Fail – Blame it on the meds

Trouble started brew’in last week when my 2.0 brought a cold into our home. I managed to keep my distance but Wednesday, I could feel my immune system giving in. About like the final five burpees of a Slaughter Starter when body attempts to overtake the mind. My buddy Slaw was eager to use his blocks so I accepted his offer of coupons but maybe regretfully his suggestion to Q in my place. Nah, I’ll get some rest and be good for the wake-up call, I thought. Wednesday afternoon I sound the pre-blast alarm that I had the Q at “The Storm.” Brownstreak quickly caught the mistake and it would not be my last. I take shots of Nyquil like it was my 21st birthday and head to bed, only I barely sleep, tossing and turning, my body intermittently going from hot to cold. I awake ahead of my 0500 alarm and there is no backing out now.

The crowd begins to gather at 0525, welcoming ABBA back from the IR surrounded by what has become a steady cast of characters on Tuesday and Thursdays in the cold gloom of Cramerton. 0530 hits and I offer the disclaimer of being a real idiot for standing in 35 degree weather when I really should be in the sick sack. Maybe I can sweat out the germs. Here we go:


  • Take a lap around downtown Cramerton to get the blood flowing. About mid-run Dolph sends his train through. It just so happened that upon the return to the parking lot the first official exercise was:
  • 5 Burpees OYO (Slaw confirmed the written word on my Weinke)

with Brownstreak in the circle, I went full disclosure that each exercise would be 10 reps which I quickly forgot as I continued with Mountain Climbers when the PAX had stopped. What a dummy I am…next up:

  • Hillbillies or as T-Square prefers “Appalachian Americans” Only thing is the Q performed Imperial Walkers instead – another Q-Fail
  • Squat Merkins IC x 10
  • Mtn Climbers IC x 10
  • SSH IC x 10
  • 5 Burpees OYO

Mosey the long way around to the upper parking lot near the bridge for The Thang:

I was the QIC at GasHouse on Saturday and introduced the bear-crawl/merkin performed to the famous Beatles song “Let it Be.” I did pose the question asking if any of the PAX were Beatles fans to which Tesla and Dr. Seuss raised their hands. The song began and 41 merkins amid four minutes of bear crawls now has The Goat hating the Beatles as well. Onto the next bit of fun which had us mosey back to the parking lot to visit Slaw’s truck and each grab a block and a partner – time for some Dora.

P1 runs to the bottom of the hill and returns to relieve P2 performing the following exercises using the cement block in aggregate:

  • 100 Kettle Bell Swings
  • 200 Bench Press
  • 300 Curls

Evidently it had been quite some time that Sargento had lifted anything heavier than 12 ounces as he initiated the chatter quickly complaining about everything from lifting blocks to the music selection (he later clarified he respects Rush but they are not his favorite – wonder if Whoopee’s been influencing him?). We had a bit of time remaining and needed to continue working our arms and shoulders. Keeping our partners with P2 performed:

  • 5 Blockees and rested until P1 completed a trip down the hill and back to flap jack. This routine continued for the following exercises:
  • 5 Block Webbs
  • 10 Curls

With about 8 minutes left, we returned the blocks and circled for Mary:

  • 10 reps each of:
  • Mtn Climbers
  • Peter Parker
  • Jingle Bells
  • Merkin
  • Flutter
  • Box Cutter
  • Leg Lifts
  • American Hammer
  • Alternating Leg Lift Claps
  • Crunchy Frogs


Announcements for the Joe Davis Run and the Advisory Meeting Sunday, 12/17 at downtown Tequilas (whatever the new name is). We lifted prayers for a friend of Slaw’s M fighting cancer as well as those that have lost loved ones this year where their place around the Christmas Tree must reside in their hearts. The good news is the eternal hope that comes from the fulfilled promise the Christ Child was born. Knowing that He would eventually die for our sins provides some level of solace that our prayers can be answered.


I’ve yet to perform the perfect Q where everything goes as intended. It didn’t help that I was hopped up on cold medicine either. A few days removed from the actual event, I’m feeling the effects of the workout and the virus Q-ing a beatdown on my immune system but I’ll recover in due time. I was fortunate to partner with Dr. Seuss for Dora and he is sneaky strong busting out AMRAPs in his time with the blocks. Same can be said for the others that pushed through. Thanks to Slaw for bringing his coupons to the workout. I tried to oblige to fulfill his music requests but failed to add the TSO choice – another Q-fail – they seemed to have come in bunches this morning but I was fortunate to be among brothers sweating in the gloom and I missed that the past two mornings in the ‘sick-sack.’ Until the next time.

Tortoise and the hare

Sister Act brought it this morning! I rolled in a minute late and he had the pax doing Moroccan night clubs until I could join, mumble chatter already starting! 10 burpees OYO! Pledge, time to mosey! Made a lap around the park, little over a mile, meet up at the playground for a half Murph! That volt is a pull-up machine! Next…. tennis courts!

10 burbees

15 lunges each leg

20 imperial walkers

25 merkins

30 plank jacks

35 squats

sprint to the end of courts and back!

Repeat 3 times! Ouch I was dragging!

Next! 4 corner escalator!

First corner 10 WW1 , I think those Moroccan night clubs at the start must have slowed the pax down at this point!

corner 2- 10 WW1, 20 American hammers, there getting slower

corner 3- 10 WW1, 20 AH, 30 Mountain climbers I think pizza man and sister act where accusing me of cheating at this point lol, I tried to talk to them about pacing yourself!

corner 4- 10 WW1, 20 AH, 30 MC, 40 flutter kicks, that’s when gumby took the lead!

Repeat 4th corner, then back to to 3rd, times up!

Circle up! Announcements- bring shoes to pizza man

joe Davis 5/10k on Jan 6th

Prayer request- my mom, several people know someone who has passed away this week, pray for there families and loved ones! And pray for each other, life is short! Know where your gonna spend eternity! God loves you so much he sent His only son to rescue us!

Way to push the rock y’all! And way to bring a beat down sister Act!

And remember pace yourself!


Swimming anyone?

11 Pax showed this am. It was cold. We had a roamer from Florence who was visiting in-laws and decided he wanted to get after it. Glad to have you Belding. We will expect you at least twice yearly (hopefully more often) from now on. I did not realize I had the Q until yesterday. I put together the electronic weinke with a smile late afternoon, but did not think about the cold weather and battery drain so I had to go rogue for the second half when the battery went dead-good! I now get to challenge myself to think on the fly and come up with something painful, probably more painful than what I had on my weinke.

Here is what I remember:

Quick disclaimer, brief explanation of the PainLab-low impact workout for recovering or those with issues related to potential impact injuries. I could have done a better job with the explanation-will make sure to do that next time.

WU: Quick, warmups are necessary but not what we came for. SSH, Merkins, Jump Rope, Mtn Climbers IC anywhere from 3-8 reps-whatever felt right. 10 burpees finished up the WU then we hit the Pledge.

Thang-PainLab split off with 3-good to see Shadrap and SledgeOMatic back. You get kudos Rudolph-great idea starting the PainLab. Hopefully other un-named pax who posted in the past but are not regulars will reconsider their reasons for not posting. I had at least a hundred reasons not to post. More importantly, there were 7 different reasons standing in front of me for why I should post. Those 7 are stronger reasons than the hundred or more I could have thought of to not post.

8 of us moseyed to the back side woods of Schiele for some partner work on the dirt hill. P1 does exercise, P2 runs up the hill to the special tree. At the top of the hill, do 5 Merkins then come back and flapjack. Exercises were as follows: Merkins, Squats, Flutter kicks. Quick break with 5 burpees then round 2 same process but exercises were the following: Mtn Climbers, Jump Squats, and Freddy Mercury. At about this point, my electronic weinke was dead. Not a whole lot of mumble chatter so our partner group got to pepper Belding on some info about himself. He was Head of School when he joined F3 and introduced to F3 by a teacher, but now works in another field (help me out Roscoe). His wife grew up here in Gastonia and her family has a surveying company. He likes long walks on the beach. He received a cat wrapped in a box for Christmas. He has an uncle named Eddie who has a metal plate in his head and a dog named Snotz. He drives a wood panel station wagon…..wait a second, maybe some of that is not right. Back to the workout.

We moseyed up into the parking lot for a lap or so then headed to the wall of the museum. Hmmm, what should we do here? How about EMOM? Every Minute On the Minute. Sounds good, but Q failed on this. I misjudged the timing so for the first few rounds we had very little recovery time. Sorry, 50% discount on your admission cost. For the next 10-15 minutes we started our routine every minute on the minute. The exercises were as follows: 10 high knees, 10 SSH, 5 burpees then run a short distance and back. The “and back” part was the mistake which gave us little recovery time. After a few rounds I figured that out and we modified. Once we did about 8 rounds of this, we modified the Burpees to……..(drumroll please)……….hip slappers. I got a strange look from Monk as I announced this. That was better than mumble chatter. Much better. I can’t help it. I really do like them. They hurt, but in a really good way. For motivation, we reminded Monk that his M and one of his 2.0s were in the Bahamas and probably would be swimming soon.

Next we moseyed back to the woods down to the pond for Dips and Derkins, 11 style. Start with 1 dip, 1 derkin (no, not Jerkin. Save that for tonight, or for coffeerama???#showtoknow) then take a lap around the pond. 2 dips, 2 derkins, take a lap around the pond,…up to 11 dips, 11 derkins, a lap around the pond. There was more mumble chatter at this point, but not enough. I began offering rewards for anyone willing to swim across the pond-we would quit the workout, I would buy them breakfast, throw in a nice, gently-used F3 hat? Any takers? Anyone? Anyone? How about if anyone would throw Stroganoff in? I even offered to join them. Still no takers. I believe there was also discussion about music and we all (UNANIMOUSLY) agreed that…what was it again? Oh yeah, RUSH sucks. Yup, that is exactly what we discussed and agreed. I distinctly remember Stroganoff raising his hand (all five fingers?) when we asked who thinks Rush sucks. We got a quick 10 count for recovery then did 5 burpees. We moseyed back to start and joined the pain lab for modified Mary as a group. Definitely some painful stuff that will provide the burn with a lower chance for impact injuries. We lunged a little way then finished with the COT.

Good stuff this am. Got a lot going on and people going through things during the holidays-current stuff, memories, travel, sick family and friends/co-workers. Remember, if this is not you going through this now, it will be in the future. Build that relationship with the guys around you now so you have someone to lean on when (not if) you are in the ditch. Getting out here and busting your butt early only makes you a better person and helps move you to be the best version of you possible.

Again, come back anytime Belding. Enjoyed meeting you this am. Great work guys.

We had 5 at coffeerama. Be careful where you sit next time you go-avoid the wet spot. It’s not my fault-it’s been a long time for me.


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