10 Pax joined YHC for a beautiful Friday morning in the metropolis of downtown Gastonia. Thanks to Spiderman for the directions back to the place. It’s been a while! A few pleasantries between the locals and we’re off.

Pledge of Allegiance

No FNG’s so no disclaimer. Mosey over to the parking lot for the main event.

The Thang: ALARM

A = arms, L = legs, A = abs, R = “r” exercise, M = “m” exercise.

As an added bonus, the PAX got to enjoy the musical stylings of MC Sargento. A plethora of awesome tunes that are perfect for getting a good sweat on! The workout went like this.

1st set: Shoulder presses IC, lunges IC kindo f, LBCs IC, Rockette Hillbillys IC kind o, Merkins OYO then run a lap

2nd set: Alternating Shoulder Taps IC, Squat Jumps OYO, Peter Parkers IC, Rosalit IC, Mountain Climbers IC then run a lap

3rd set: Burpees OYO, Squats IC, Dying Cockroaches IC, Rocky Balboas IC, Merkins IC then run a lap

The PAX wil perform reps of each exercise then take a lap around the parking lot after each set. Each set would be 15 reps, then 10 then 5 and then after the 3rd set do 5 laps around the pavilion. Aye!

YHC wasn’t sure how this workout would go since it was so weinke intensive but the time ended up being perfect. Except for my choice in music I think everyone had a good time and got a sweat on. Thanks for hanging in there and pushing through.

Prayer requests: Slaw’s wife’s best friend’s family, Boudin’s wife’s aunt’s family, Tool Time’s coworker’s family

Announcements: Advisory meeting 12/17/17 at the restaurant formerly known as Tequila’s.

It was great being back downtown men. You are AWESOME! Aye!!!