YHC was a little worried about the plan Friday night in the sleet but determined to make it a REAL workout no matter who showed up. So as the pax assembled in the near dawn darkness  and the temp hovered @ freezing with a little precip falling it was obvious this would be a day for a roll in the mud gut check  of a workout this day. It went something like this:

COP in the park:

SSH X 20

IW X 20

LBCs X 20

Merkins X 10

Copperhead squats X 20

Mosey on up to The Field of Dreams for a BLIMP run! Possibly the first in Belmont F3. Went like this:

P1 – Run the length of the filed and back

P2 – Do the called exercise. Flap jack.

1st set: Burpees (B)

2nd set: Lunges (L)

3rd set: IW (I)

4th set: Merkins (M)

5th set: Plank jacks (P)

6th set: Squats (S)

Mosey on up to the Corner of Knowledge

Step ups X 10 X 15 X20

Dirkins X 10X15X20

Dips X 10X15X 20

mosey down to parking lot for the following:

Burpee suicides to one end

Jump squats X5 suicides back.

Back to the Field of Dreams for MORE Tesla morale building work, featuring YHC’s fave, the Bear Crawl Slalom!

Bear Crawl Slalom down to the end of the field

SSH X 20

Squats X 20

Plank, agility drill back

Mosey to Heartbreak hill

Foot of the hill: 10X called exercise, run to the top, mosey back down for next set.

1st set: Diamond merkins

2nd set: Regular merkins

3rd set: Hand release merkins

4th set: Stagger right merkins

5th set: Stagger left merkins

Bulgarian Split squats X 10 each leg

20 step ups.

Circle of Mary at the fountain featuring pax led  and circle run with SSH, LBCs, Squats, Jump Squats, Knee ups, American Hammers, ad other assorted opportunities for pain, capped off with 5 burpees by YHC.


NMM: Great work in the mud, the gloom, and the chill at The Yank today! Everybody went home wet. ad sweaty and like YHC, probably did not get in the house with shoes on. Best shower of the week! Kind of what it’s all about, playing outside in the mud and getting dirty. It’s just plain good for the soul! Next week we have Breaker Breaker on tap for his VQ. come on out and support his effort men!


Yank is an awesome AO and great pax always. Look for some guest Qs coming in ’18 to keep it revved up! I see Rev Florida and others making appearances at the Yank and bear crawl slaloms from Tesla and others.