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Day: December 7, 2017

Where’s the suggestion box?

9 #HIM appeared in the gloom this am at #GoatIsland.  Welcome Timeframe and again Tater Hole.  Start off with the pledge, no FNG’s.

Thang; Mosey about 1/4 mile around grass area side walk 1 lap and circle back up at the parking lot for 3 rounds of 5 exercises with the 1/4 mile mosey after each round.

100 SSH, 100 LBC’s, 100 Squats, 25 Mericans, 25 Burpees

Hipslapper 15 IC

5 min of Mary by selected Pax; Nolan Ryans are great!

Nice work Pax!!

Moleskin; There was not a lot of mumble chatter going on.  The first round went by and it started from Tesla calling out the Q for moving to the grass to perform the LBC’s.  The pax didn’t know that I have a tube of vagisil in the the truck.  15 Hipslappers were added to the weinke.  Somewhere there were a few suggestions made by an unnamed pax and he was directed to send them to the Weaselshaker.  The workout was simple but effective.  Good job fellas.  #TClaps to ShortSale, man was killing the burpees this morning.  BreakerBreaker was pushing the rock as well.  Aye!

COT; Announcements- Toys to Bandit for delivery on the 12th, Jan. 6th Joe Davis Run, Advisory meeting 17th, Shoe drive contact Pizzaman Prayer Requests- Mayor’s recovery, BreakerBreaker’s son, Brownstreak, each other, Country

Thanks Dr. Suess for leading the prayer

ShortSale with the Q next week.


Bojangles’ Bisquits?

YHC rolled into the gloom looking for a nice showing of PAX……….. to my surprise, no one. While I sit in my truck thinking over the thang to come, 5:28 hits. Is gonna be a solo?… wait, no here strolls in the dependable Volt. Ok clock in.

SSH, hillbillies x15 IC



mosey to lower parking lot for some leg work. Line up for zombies. Lunge walk every other space then 10 squats. Repeat up the lot. Turn around and high knee walk every other line for 10 Merkins. Repeat to start.  Short mosey to the shelter. Step ups, Arm squats, LBCs, all x15 IC, lap around the parking lot. Rinse and repeat x3. Mosey the long way back toward start stopping at the lot by the pond for mountain climbers, toy shoulders, x20 IC. I see headlights, looks like Sparky. Guess he just wanted to say hello. Time running out, mosey toward the park entrance then back down to start. Ended up with 1.5, a little less mileage than usual, but it happens. Sparky is awaiting patiently at start. Before YHC got a chance to bust his balls, he offers us a bojangels biscuit. Forgiven!

Sparky took us out in prayer.

always an honor to lead, but come on Folsom, let’s get back at it!! EH each other back. Looking forward to next time.

Folsom Trio

Three PAX showed up for a Sparky-less beat down minus both the Q and coupons from Slaw.


Volt, Hank, Oompa Loompa.

(Huck, Slaw & Longhorn Roadie were not there)


No warmup.

Mosey to flag pole for pledge.

Mosey to parking lot for lunges.

Rinse and repeat.

Mosey to tennis court for suicide elevens.

AB fab time.

Mosey to parking lot.

22 for the vets.

YHC took us out

Medicine Woman on IR

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