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Walls of Jericho

  • When: 10/30/2017
  • QIC: Hushpuppy
  • PAX: Gastone, Spiderman, Timeframe, Easy Rider, Turleman, Defi, Blart, JK2, Stone Cold, Claven

For some reason, Sunday afternoon, Hushpuppy got the urge to Q Monday’s workout.  Maybe it was a drive to do more, or sheer stupidity, or maybe YHC just wanted a workout that didn’t include backwards running up hills.

Warm up: Imperial walkers, Toy Soldiers, LBC’s, Planks, Flutters, Mosey, Pledge:

Tha Thang: Mosey down to the SECU bank because it was the best building I could think of we could run all the way around.

Walls of Jericho: 7 reps of exercises, followed by a lap around the building:  7 merkins, then a lap, 7 hip slappers, then a lap, 7 SSH, then a lap, 7 squats, then a lap, 7 shoulder taps, then a lap, 7 hillbillies, then a lap, 7 Burpees, then a lap.  Mosey up union, through the neighborhood and to Marthas front yard.  Whoopees favorite, Jack Web 11’s.  Jack Webbs at the top, squats at the bottom.

Jailbreak back to startex:

Strong work.

Sorry it took me 6 days to post the BB.  Q’ing again Friday 11/7 Down Town.  Can’t wait!

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  1. Stroganoff was there

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