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  • When: 10/25/2017
  • QIC: Gastone
  • PAX: Turtle-Man, Stroganoff, Hushpuppy, Time-Frame, Clavin, Easy Rider, Defib, T-Square, Snowman, And Gastone.
    And Roscoe get's a partial credit.

10 showed for Snowballs this morning for a cooler morning and then it was cool for long. (Easy Rider posted a picture of him and what I thought must have been his daughter, I was wrong. Let’s just say he is playing above his level) Of course we all might be playing above our level.

The Thang:

Quick start on 20 SSH

20 Imperial Walker

10 Wide Arm Merkins


Mosey around the baseball field, around the soccer field, and through the forest on the trail to the bottom of the hill behind soccer fields right in the middle back.

From the intersection.

Straight flat way at each pole we did 10 Merkins down and back or 90 total Merkins.

Down again with 20 Squats and back.

Down again with 20 CCD’s each stop and back. (Roscoe bailed around this point because it was to much for him, we understand Roscoe do what you can do)

Changed directions and did 20 Sumo Squats at each stop until going up the hill backwards for 20 more at the top and back.

Flat direction for  5 Diamond Merkins at each stop and back. (Mumble Chatter began about Gastone Clock and all the fun everyone was having)

Change to the hill for Monkey Humpers, 20 at each stop until on the way back. Did a set of 30 and then 40 to end with.

Mosey back to end which we did arrive back at the start at 6:15 at least some of us arrived back then. (Note that Timeframe was one of them, that made 6:15)

The Molesking:

Time-Frame, you were there.

Great group as normal and all the fun. Looking for Q’s for Monday and Wed. of next week.

Prayer’s for all those in need in the circle of trust.

Gastone Out!


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  1. Thanks Gastone for the push and a great q as always. Im just happy to be a part of such an incredible group of guys.

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