• When: 10/04/2017
  • QIC: Whoopee
  • PAX: HushPuppy, Stone Cold, T Square, Snowman, Spanx, Gastone, Time Frame, Turtleman, JK2, Spiderman, Whoopee

I found out on Monday that Wednesday needed a Q. Gastone didn’t really ask so I didn’t really say yes. I was pretty much told I was the Q. That is how Gastone rolls and that is a good thing. I needed to Q. I knew it. He probably did too, even if he didn’t. Guess that is how this thing works. Good lesson learned. I have been going thru a few things lately (aren’t we all??) that have been a bit distracting, so getting out in the gloom as spilling some sweat (and blood sometimes, right TSquare?) helps to reframe things. It was good seeing Spanx out this morning. Snowman put in some serious effort too. It’s the effort like that and seeing new guys post more than once that keeps me pushing hard.

Here is what I remember:

Disclaimer, Pledge, WU: it was quick-just like I like it: 5ish each IC-SSH, Squats, Merkins, Flutter Kicks then we’re off…

The Thang: Mosey to grassy hill by baseball outfield. Mosey up the hill for Jack Webb and come down hill after each set of Merkin/air presses for 20 squats. Total 200 squats and full set of Jack Webb started things off right.

Short mosey to parking lot for HODOR, HODOR, HODOR: partner up, piggy back partner across the lot for Mountain Climbers X 10 each, swap and piggy back to other sidebar more Mountain Climbes-total 3 trips each.

Mosey to Turd Shack for Hip Slapper Hellevens after a quick pep talk by me about the mental fatigue of life and it’s curve balls that come at you and make you feel worn down. Remember, when you feel like your tank is empty, you’ve still got a lot of gas left. Push through it. Your mental  fatigue can be overwhelming if you let it. DON’T LET IT GET YOU DOWN. What’s that phrase…..oh yeah, DFQ.  We then broke into the Hip Slapper Hellevens: 11’s with Hip Slappers on one end and Squats on the other. The hip slappers were full count, big boy hip slappers and my shoulders are still feeling it. About this time I was shown a pool of blood from TSquare’s nose on the ground. Maybe not such a good idea…

We finished this and had a short mosey about 20 feet then we started the final approach to Pelican’s. Start She Hate Me….this lasted for a looooong time. We probably did about 6 or 7 rounds (10 lunges each leg, 10 Merks, 10 Merkins, repeat) until we ran out of time. We did 22 Merkins for the vets then Stone Cold gave us a 10 count (he did Merkins instead of counting) to recover. Couldn’t let him do that by himself so we then did 20 Merkins IC then moseyed the final way to Pelican’s to finish right….on…..time.

Quick namorama, announcements, COT.

This was a tough one for me on a few levels. Definitely wouldn’t have pushed that hard by myself. Having a partner like Gastone for Hodor and Hip Slappers, seeing T Square push despite a bloody nose/beard/shirt, me sucking wind and watching Snowman squeeze out the final merkins instead of cruising in and skipping reps, trying to keep up with Turtleman on the final mosey into Pelicans, seeing newer guys out there working through the soreness, or hearing grunts from various others as we did the merkins or hip slappers. I needed this today and appreciate each of you. The extra COT at the end was the cherry on top-thanks HushPuppy.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this am-Whoopee