Been a long week , not sure I have much gas in the tank, but somehow when we get around our brothers some strange burst of energy comes out of nowhere! With that being said 630 hits and its time to get to it! We ran to the to the flag at the top of the park, pledge, 25 ssh ic, 20 Merks ic, swimmer shows up repeat for him, then run back to tennis courts for some block work!

partner WO

200 thrusters / a squat with a press! Partner one starts, partner 2 runs the court, alternate till completion! Lot of mumble chatter, also blarts Mexican food from last night is really starting to work on him!

200 curls, same thing

100 tricep extensions

100 flat press

200 Lbc’s

while the pax recovers, a quick talk about personal holiness, how what we need most from each other is for us to be pursuing Christ , and how He has called us to be set apart for His glory! And naturally that affects every relationship we have!

Now that we have caught our breath, it’s time to run! One lap around the park! Ended up with a little over 3 miles, and I can’t lift my arms, but I guess we had a little more in the tank then we thought! Thanks for the push men!

announcements, 3rd event at hush puppies church October 13th

prayer request, each other, huckleberrys leg, other Pax on the ir, each other, that God would keep us close to Him!