13 PAX, including two Welcome-Back-Kotters, showed up on a hot Tuesday afternoon for a fun in the sun at Midoriyama. Not to mention any names, but, the fatigue from a Sunday Frisbee golf outing, might have made cowards of certain unnamed PAX.

I sent out a pre-blast smokescreen to warn the PAX to avoid the upcoming beatdown. Slaw Q’d the first workout I attended as a FNG, 365 days ago, and is currently unavailable due to something called work, so I wanted to give everyone a large helping of Slaw so he won’t be missed.

I showed up early and pasted the AO with maps and symbols. There were 16 stations with either a triangle, diamond, circle, or square, all set approximately 1/8 of mile apart. Each symbol instructed PAX to perform 22 reps of the designated exercise. Triangles=merkins; circles=Mike Tysons; Squares=LBCs; and diamonds=burpees.

Counted off PAX into 4 teams and passed out maps with a legend to show the exercises to perform at each station and off we go:

No FNG, so brief disclaimer, warm up with 22 SSH & 26 capitalized 1,000,000 font alphabets.

Moseyed to Station 1 through Station 16. Much fun and mumble chatter was had by all. Midoriyama is mathematically challenged, so 16 x 22 = 352, plus 22 = 374, plus 26 = a grand total of 400 with approximately 2 miles hoofed.

To everyone’s astonishment, we finished within the allotted time of 45 minutes. Closed with pledge and prayer. I survived my first year of F3 and thanks again for the privilege to Q.