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  • When: 09/21/2017
  • QIC: Dolph
  • PAX: TSquare, Tesla, Mayor, Slim Shady, Dr. Suess, Spec, Garfield, Gastone

YHC had to plan for quick beatdown this am at #GoatIsland because of an event at work.  It came to mind on the way over and at 0530 there were 8 more Pax ready to go.  No FNG’s so straight to the warm up.


Mosey to the VFW wall for 1 minute of Hipslappers.  Run past Floyd and Blackies to stoplight, .25 mile. 1 minute of flutterkicks, run back to the VFW parking lot for 1 minute of squats.  Run back to the stop light for 1 minute of mericans.  Run back to VFW for 1 minute of burpees.  Run back for 1 minute plank.  Run back to VFW.  Then YHC handed the lead off to Gastone and all I know is there was more running involved, but backwards.  Nice work this am men.

Mayor started the mumble chatter at the hipslappers with a comment about the past weekend results of the burpeethon, ( little did he know the hill we were getting ready to run up and down for 2 miles) and then there wasn’t much more.  There were discussions about how to handle a turd at one point.  #showtoknow.   Great effort by all Pax.  #ISI  Thanks to all Pax for coming out.  Nice to have a good crowd post.  I’ll be looking for you in the future.  Slim Shady has the Q next week, so come out and see what he can deliver.  It’s an honor to lead you men.

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  1. The running was not the bad part or that it was backwards. We did 10 merkins at every door along the front of the stores. Lots of doors, we did some other exercises. Lunges, Squats, and some ab work. Dolph great Q, look forward to the next.

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