10 HIM showed up for a blockbuster.  There are a few workouts that I really like to do.  99, the vern and the blockbuster.  Today I modified the running in between as an experiment to see if it could be improved on, but looking back, I didn’t care for it and will go back to the basics.

What we did:
No warm up, just a mosey around the parking lot up to the blocks, circle up and start.  10 OH squats, curls, tricep extensions, front raise, good mornings and chest press.

In between each set, you typically run either a 1/4 mile or 1/2 mile.  What I tried to do was add some other work so one person would run to the gate and back (+/-1/4 mile) while the rest of the pax did flutter kicks.  So on and so forth.  Next runner went and we did LBCs, then plank and some french fries.

Then we teamed up and as the pax would say about YHC, poor instruction was given when I said double up, I meant each pax did 20 reps, not putting themselves together and doing 10 each, but I can learn from this.  One team runs while the rest do lunges, then a bridge after the second set of team work was done.  There was some modifications made as needed by some and we were out of time.

Time to put the blocks up, circle up and discuss the run back.  Not wanting to hold anyone up, I released them for the fastest lap around the parking lot to the flag – some got EC and ran around the school.  Just enough time for 60 seconds of Rocky Balboas and wave of merkins to 5.

Finish with the pledge.

Prayers were asked for Slim Shadys dad and a negative bone scan and Pax you haven’t seen in a while.  Its encouraged to reach out to any of those you know havent posted and be the one they can turn to that will hold them accountable.

Moleskin – While trying to do something new, it really didnt work.  We still got a good workout and I felt my internal mind telling me that I can still improve on leadership skills.  I promise to do better next time men, but it was a pleasure to workout beside you.