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Day: September 16, 2017

Blueberry BOMBS

While planning the beatdown, I really struggled with this. Burpees or no burpees? That was the question. Burpeethon was the issue. After 3 seconds of hard thought: Burpees. Did they leave the other HIMs: a) with a good warmup for the Burpeethon, b) incapable of participating in the Burpeethon, c) wishing they had done the Burpeethon instead, d) all the above, e) none of the above, f) [fill in the blank] ?  You decide!


Warm Up: SSH, Merkins, Toy Soldiers, Cromwells, Monkey Humpers

Pain Lab dismissed. I have no idea what they did. They looked dry and relaxed when we emerged from the woods at 7:59. Draw your own conclusions.


Modified Blueberry biscuit around parking lot ending at flag for pledge,

Mosey across street to library to lower lot for:

Blueberry BOMBS!! This is my own adaptation of a Whoopie favorite, blueberry biscuit, and an old standby, BOMBS. One partner runs around the parking lot and halfway around does 5 Burpees. Other partner continues the usual BOMBS exercises: 100 Overhead claps; 150 Merkins; 200 Big Boy Sit Ups; 250 Squats. 

Then a short fellowship mosey to the upper parking lot for some Dominoes (too hard to explain; look it up).

Mosey across the street to the woods behind Shiele. Beginning at the bridge, alternating Boo Boo Bear Crawl & lunges to the lake.

Modified Blueberry DORA type exercise around lake: runner circles the lake, performing 3 burpees halfway around. Partner continues exercises:  50 Dying cockroaches, 75 Merkins, 100 Flutter kicks. 

Fellowship mosey back to the mill for BLUEBERRY HILLS! Run up the hill to that tree, 3 burpees, run down, 3 burpees, repeat-O until 7:58. Fellowship mosey back to parking lot.

Announcements: Burpeethon now! Speed for Need Saturday after Thanksgiving–sign up or Tool Time will keep talking about it.

Prayer requests: Several seriously ill PAX family members/co-workers, all those we will benefit from the Burpeethon and Speed for Need.

It was terrific working out with Hushpuppy and a couple of HIMs I don’t know all that well.


5 stand at the Yank

With the Burpeethon in progress YHC decided a little station work was in order at TFY this fine fall morning as we gathered in the gloom of early fall. Looked a little like this:

Station 1: COP

SSH X 20

2 burpees OYO

IW X20

4 burpees OYO

Copperhead squats

6 burpees OYO

Merkins X 15

8 burpees OYO

Mount climbers X 20

10 burpees OYO

Mosey to station 2

Station 2: Corner of Knowledge

One legged dips, Dirkins, Squats 3X repeats 10, 15, 20 each with 15 SSH after each round.

Mosey to station 3

Station 3 : Field of Dreams

Slalom Indian bear crawls to the end of the field (Pax in plank)

SSH X 20

Slalom mosey back (Pax in plank)

Mosey to station 4

Station 4: Stairway to Heaven.

Partner up

P1: Run from the park yard up the steps to the sidewalk, drop and do 10 hand release merkins

P2: LBCs until P1 returns. Rinse and repeat

Repeat 3 times

SSH X 20

Mosey to Station 5

Fountain for a little circle work and Mary

Each Pax runs all the way around the circle and up to the Yank and does 5 burpees.

Included but not limited to: Mountain Climbers, Monkey humpers, Quad stretch, LBCs, and others.

NMM: Great work by the Pax today. Great day to be out! Welcome FNG Cherub. Be a great addition. Has a great life story being one of the “boat people” who’s family fled Vietnam in the later ’70s for a better life here. High risk proposition. One in four survived that option. Spent two years in a refugee camp in Malaysia before getting the green light to come here. Think about it! We actually do things right here no matter what the media wants to say. Cherub is a testament to that truth. The pledge meant a little more today than it usually does. Glad to have you aboard Cherub!


Burpeethon 2017 for Special Olympics NC

Well, going back in time a bit, the burpeethon was something that the Gastonia PD put together as a fundraiser for Special Olympics NC.  It was always a varied workout with burpees, but threatened to be discontinued this year after some outside workout organizations couldn’t get along.  That’s when F3 Gastonia stepped in and said we wont let this cause die.  It was a little difficult putting together our own event with the GPD regarding planning, stations, whose where, etc., but it all got done.  My M (Officer J.A. Quinley) started to roll with it and Freight our undisputed Nantan got on board and we showed up to workouts to preregister and make it as painless as possible.  With the support of our F3 group, that started as nothing more than a free mens workout, grew and grew and it truly humbled and inspired me.  You are all HIM.

We started set up and in rolls the mobile command, squad cars, the mule and some other tactical SWAT gear to put on some razzle dazzle.  Pax who posted started to show up, we had some very special Athletes there, who were amazing and pushed us, and the Ms and 2.0s who showed up as support and staff.

We opened with a moment of prayer from Officer Norton and then time to get down to it and the first heat teams are called.  Dolph is a good friend of mine and he teamed up with me and we were in the first heat with four other teams.  I didnt know who would struggle the most, me keeping up with him or him slowing down for me.  The answer is, ME.  The GPD has some pretty fit officers and they set the standards for exercises and demonstrated them to get the idea of what is and isn’t acceptable, but of course, modify as you need to.  They also pulled out a five foot piece of rope and had that up the sleeve because it was truly a team event.  The scene was set as we gathered around Rankin Lake and the weather was beautiful.  Call to start and we started doing synchronized burpees, in which, each hold the end of a rope and do burpees in sync and this is where I crushed it.  We were the first ones done.  Unfortunately, we were passed by all teams by the time we got to station #2.   Each teammate held their end of the rope as you moved thru the eight stations.

Station #1 – 20 synchronized burpees
Station #2 – Lunges from line to line (30 yards)
Station #3 – 100 Air Squats
Station #4 – Burpee broad jumps from line to line (30 yards)
Station #5 – 15 incline sit-ups (modified down from 25)
Station #6 – Duck walk from line to line (+/-40 yards)
Station #7 – Bear crawl from sign to sign (+/-40 yards)
Station #8 – 20 synchronized burpees
All stations done at various points of the lake loop that is +/-1.75 miles

Station #8 is where the rubber met the road.  There were a couple other Clydesdales like me that struggled.  I had to sit out for five minutes and then get back at it to finish it up.  The point is that everyone finished.  A special shout-out to “The M Squad”.  Gena and Jo rocked a time of +/-26 minutes.  Gena is a part of FIA and not sure what her name is, but it should be USS McCampbell.  That is a Destroyer whose tag is “relentless in battle”.  Jo, Tooltimes M showed up in flip flops and just ready to help take care of sign-ins and hand out shirts, until a last minute audible and she stepped up, borrowed a pair of shoes, got a shirt and did the work out on the fly.  These women and animals and my hat is off to them!!!!!!  By the way, this is the second person in a row that Tooltime has unknowingly backed the bus over.  A few more and there will be a support group.

After all of the teams came in, we took a little trip to the mobile command and posed for a picture.  Look for some more information in the newsletter.  After this, turn the temperature up, because its time for the minute competitions.  Max reps in 60 seconds for Burpees, Merkins, Sit-ups and hip slappers.  This was awesome.  I enjoyed this thoroughly, although I didnt come close to winning, but seeing the men in a circle around their bros cheering them on.  Defib, Flush and Blart were the victors, with Defib taking two crowns.

Finish with a BOM

Moleskin – At the end of the day, F3 Gastonia brought in over $1,400 in sign ups, competitions and some very, very special men who donated some large amounts.  I know who you are and you guys are ambassadors and have my respect.  Thank you.  I was worried when tasked with this if anyone would come out since it has a cost implication, does anyone care about this, etc. and I am truly blown away by your support and your actions. You men (and ladies) are examples of what it means to be truly exceptional.  A special thanks to Freights M (Melissa) for her efforts and anyone else who came out in support (Linus, Hushpuppy, Ash Pond, Oompa) and Sidecars M for the Monster drink donation.  Please forgive me if I missed any others, but we know you were there.  Also thanks to all those who gave donations because you were elsewhere but saw fit to help out.  It meant so much to those athletes that we were there.  Tracy (SONC Athlete) mentioned in her speech that God doesn’t just put us anywhere, its where we can make the most impact.  Hearing those words and seeing who they were coming from just blew me away.  Jason, another athlete, who was getting pictures with all of us.  Did you see their medals???  They are so proud of them and thanks to these efforts, they can enjoy the fellowship of their own in competition.  I have attached a few pictures that are amazing, especially the shovel flag.  Look for more in the newsletter.  Look for a bigger and better one next year…they have started to plan it.

Thanks again…

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