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  • When: 09/12/2017
  • AO:
  • QIC: Mayor
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Tesla (Respect), My Boy Blue, Dolph

Alright Gents,

The Honorable Mayor had the Q on a rainy day.  I knew this would have a light turnout so I tried to think of a workout that would be able to be done under some shelter, but still fit with F3 and done outside.  our beloved Brownstreak brought us “THE 99”, which is a carry over from a PAX in Mountain Island where he started out.  Its a close quarter, fast paced, hard charged, straight up killing it workout.  Since I reached out and had the wienke figured out, but with the potential low turnout, what I didnt want is to hear someones heavy breathing up close or have them hear mine (thats reserved for the one who sees your O-Face), I had to find us some music.  Thanks to the family account for spotify, Rock was able to be dialed up.  Funny thing was, due to my eclectic musical tastes, the recommended stations were Metallica (Heavy Metal) and Tenth Avenue North (Christian) all while playing the Rolling Stones Honky Tonk Woman.  If you didnt read the BB from shortsale, it was metal.

0529 and its just Dolph and I (notice proper English) and then Tesla comes rolling in hot and jumps in at the second set.

About eight minutes in, there is another car that shows up and out jumps My Boy Blue from the Raleigh Pax.  He had a funny story about how he looked on line, saw Midoriyama at 5:30 and just went there.  He missed the P.M. part and made some amazing time.

The Thang – Set 1-99, 9,etc of exercises (see attached pic), Set 2 – 88,8, etc., Set 3 – 77,7, etc…you get the point.  We made it all the way through and finished up with 10 burpees just because we can.

Announcements – Burpeethon 9/16/2017 @ 0900 Rankin Lake Park.  Bring a friend.

Moleskin – just check out the other picture…..shows how a real man can stay stationary for a Q and still get the distance in.  Garmin looked at its data after I logged my workout and said clearly this isnt right and filled in the route from there.

Thanks Dolph for taking us out.