With it being early fall I decided to try a football-themed beatdown.  Sorta hard to do being that I knew we probably wouldn’t be running routes and tackling.  Although, doing an Oklahoma Drill definitely crossed my mind.

We had one FNG who apparently Keash knew, but had no clue who this Queeche guy was.  Full disclaimer was given for his benefit, letting him know I’m an idiot.


  • SSHs
  • Don Quixotes
  • Goofballs


We then moseyed up to the football field for a double quarter pounder with cheese.  It was supposed to be done on a football field, so I felt it went along with my football theme, right??? It went something like this – run to the 25 yard line and do 25 merkins.  Run backwards to the end line.  Run to the 50 yard line and do 50 squats.  Run backwards to the end line.  Run to the 75 yard line and do 75 mountain climbers.  Run backwards to the end line.  Run to the other end line and do 100 SSHs.  Run backwards to the end line.  Plank for the six.

Easy mosey around the track.

Then the double portion of the double quarter pounder with cheese.  It included 25 jump squats, 50 LBCs, 75 Moroccan Nightclubs and 10 burpees.

Easy mosey around the track.

We then did the Panther Pounder.  We would jog in place, but would mix in some high knees and butt kickers too, and YHC would call out either burpee or merkin and we would drop and do whatever was called out.  During this odd version of Simon Says we found there really wasn’t much of a  difference between the two when starting in an upright position.

We moseyed down to the pavilion for some Corewood.  60 seconds AMRAP with 30 seconds rest in between each one.  Here are the exercises I can remember:

  • Crunchy Frogs
  • American Hammers
  • Protractors
  • Flutter Kicks

We headed down the hill for a Triple Nickel.  Monkey Humpers at the bottom and WWII sit-ups at the top.

We had 3 minutes left and I tried to call it, but the pax wouldn’t have it and we did three rounds of Mary.  Broke called for dips, Kuiche called for Freddie Mercurys and Sargento called something else.  I don’t remember what.

During the workout I mixed in some football trivia.  When I let the pax know I planned on doing that Keeshe started yelling out random former Buffalo Bills (“oh oh Jim Kelly, uhh Thurman Thomas, uhh Don Beebe…”).  None of them were correct.  We learned Sargento is a walking talking football encyclopedia and at times I was having to Omaha mid-question because he was answering before I could finish.  Next time, Sargento, my questions won’t be so easy!

Prayer Requests




Thanks for the push today, guys!  Go Bills!