• When: 08/26/2017
  • QIC: Whoopee
  • PAX: Huckleberry, Roscoe, Medicine Woman, Gumby, Sparky, Slaw, Dolph, Swimmer, Tadpole, Sister Act, Def Leppard (RESPECT), Whoopee

I got into my car and as I started the engine, the radio came on for some late inspiration: Madonna singing “Papa Don’t Preach.” I listen to 80’s music, now termed “oldies” but I couldn’t give 2 turds if that is cool at this point in my life. Country music just doesn’t always do it for me especially early in the am. I immediately thought this was a sign from God. I needed to be tight-lipped this am, no lectures, no humor, no teaching points. Just get to work and gitrdone. My girls, who often endure long lectures about the benefits of turning lights off when they leave a room, would have cheered at this decision. Of course they were asleep so I just QUIETLY smiled and decided on my plan.

Still tired from the week and sore from Friday at Downtown, I was really just planning to “get through” the Q this am, eat some breakfast, and head back home for some rest. Then Dolph showed up….Whenever I am the Q and he shows up, I feel like I need to kick it up a notch. It’s nothing he does. It’s just the idea that I don’t want anyone to walk away and say hmmmm, that was ok. I want everyone to lay on the ground for awhile afterwards and think “that….was…..tough.” Anyone can go workout and sweat some. Coming to F3 has changed my approach to exercise. I now want to be the catalyst that gets people coming back looking for more ways to push harder and motivate others to do the same. Again, there is Dolph-therefore, kick…..it……up……as much as possible. Not to take away from anyone else, but I know if I can make him sweat (and grunt a little every once in awhile), everyone else will be sweating too. And there you have the “Iron Sharpens Iron” I think at its best.

When I got to Folsom, there were already a few there discussing the fight tonight. We all voiced our predictions as more arrived. Roscoe showed up with the baddest looking gas mask and placed it on top of the shovel flag with cheers from the pax. At 0630 I announced my theme for the Weinke was loosely based on the fight tonight and we got started.

WU: SSH, Jump Rope, Rocky Balboas, Moroccan Night Club (there was a lot of mumble chatter so the reps went on for much longer than usual until there was very little chatter and I got several comments and funny looks about how long the warm up was). I just kept my mouth shut-PAPA DON’T PREACH. I was smiling on the inside.

The Thang:

Mosey to turd shack for Mike Tyson’s X 15 X ? 3 sets. Was planning just 2 but Tadpole was so excited we had to do an extra set. Think we did squats after each set of Mike Tyson’s.

Quick mosey without much rest to the picnic tables for Dips and Step Ups. Wanted to talk about something, but remembered: Papa Don’t Preach.

Quick mosey to other side of parking lot for partner work: Hodor (piggy back carry partner) carry across the lot then 20 sit-ups. Swap and other partner Hodor’s partner back to start for 20 more setups. My weinke said “Rinse and Repeat” so we did it again but only 10 sit-ups each round. There were comments about Arabian horses, donkeys, and something about an ogre and onions-layers I think. Again, I told myself to keep quiet: Papa don’t preach.

Quick mosey to end of parking lot by picnic tables for some sprints: Apollo Creed sprints-think Rocky 1,2 or 3-I can’t remember which but think we decided it was probably Rocky 3 when Rocky and Apollo raced on the beach. We split into 3 groups of 4 each, all dropped into plank position, then group 1 took off in a sprint to other side then dropped into plank. Part way across the lot group 2 was released and they sprinted to other side then dropped into plank. Finally the 3rd group was released for same thing. We repeated this back to the start and somewhere along the way Huckleberry threw a rod in his engine and headed to the garage. Maybe this was not such a good idea….but we kept at it.

Long mosey to the front of Folsom to the flag with some burpees and merkins on the way. A train came by a couple times so we did the required burpees and eventually made it to the front where flutters (I think) were being done. No time for chatter-Papa don’t preach-so we moved over to another lot for some She Hate Me-Slaw mentioned before we started that he was feeling the after effects of the same exercise from day before at Downtown so I was especially excited for this. I am not sure I have heard Slaw say that about any of my previous workouts-Iron Sharpening Iron again. We did the She Hate Me across the lot down the hill, and it was so much fun we just kept going around the turn and back up the hill. No time for preachin.’ Gotta get moving. We moseyed back “To the Flag” but made a detour to the grassy hill for a few trips up and down with squats and merkins at top and bottom X 10 reps X 2 sets (I think). Then it was “off to the flag” but we took a Pizza Man detour-he never goes straight back to the flag when running so we passed the lot and went to the picnic tables to make sure we had turned off the lights. Either Dolph or Slaw suggested that since we had come all this way, we should stop and visit the picnic tables so we did. I think we did about 20 or so dips then back on the road ” to the flag.” Again, we took a little detour to the amphitheater for some Derkins. At this point we were close to mutiny and a few guys (including Dolph) took the lead when I said ” to the flag” and made a bee line for the flag. We did some Mary in the final 4 minutes. I don’t remember much at this point other than I made the mistake of asking Roscoe to lead us in Slurpees. Think I was unconscious after 2 or 3 of the burpees and woke up during the namorama.

Namorama, announcements, and prayer.

This morning was GREAT for me. It was not the “just get through the Q” like I had planned. I was pushed by all of the pax which made me push even harder. Everyone busted their butt. I believe I will be sore tomorrow, but that is just fine. I’ll take a beating like that with any one of you any day of the week. Thanks to all of you for the motivation.

We had 6 at coffeerama sponsored by Sparky-much appreciated brother. Next one is on me. Got to see video of a protestor in Phoenix getting shot in the nuts with a bean bag-still laughing about that. You should have been there.