• When: 12/20/16
  • QIC: Monk
  • PAX:

A recent change you may have noticed is a bible chapter and verse published via Twitter which can be studied individually or as a group. F3 is all about stepping up and with mini-computers in the palm of our hands – this information is readily available.

At the Advisory Meeting Sunday night, our 3rd F Q Monk, raised the question to offer another opportunity for us to push the rock as it pertains the Faith element. Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, December 20th at 6:00 am, Monk will lead our first mid-week 3rd F session at Starbucks at the new Harris Teeter located at the corner of Robinwood and Kendrick Road. We recognize there are workouts at both The Storm and Folsom beginning at 0530 which have loyal followings. This will not be a workout, so come in work clothes (or your jammies), grab a coffee and we’ll have a time of faith study. Monk will lead the first session but like all F3 activities, we’ll want Q’s to step in to lead future sessions.

As with any F3 events in our region, we are looking for feedback and improvement. Please share your comments. 2nd and 3rd F ideas are open for suggestion and implementation. Thanks to Monk for stepping up to lead this opportunity. AYE!