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Day: July 14, 2016

10 Rounds but no TKO

MOUNT MIDORIYAMA GASTONIA — Nine men arrived at the park where the temperature was hotter than the inside of a helldiver’s suit who is mining helium-3 on Mars.

For today’s event, it was all about doing three-minute rounds made famous by boxers around the world. In anticipation, I called up my buddy Pacquiao to join us and show us how it’s done. Unfortunately, he said he wouldn’t workout in temperature this hot for less than a million dollars. No agreed to that and we had to press on.

The event got started with a little warm up of arm circles, which led into arm circles plus high knees. Then to test the PAX coordination we reversed the circles and switched high knees for butt kickers. After that, a little side saddle hops and about have way increasing the speed till they became fairy jacks.

After that, it was TIME, for the MAIN EVENT of the EVENING! (bruce buffer voice) We had ten different stages with a little bit of everything. Each person picked their starting point, and it was all OYO. Each round ran for three minutes, followed thirty seconds where a PAX would scream out an exercise the group had to do. No resting!

It was an excellent time, the biggest mistake I made was having the stages spread out too far apart. This lead to not a lot of mumble chatter which always lightens the mood.


  • 20 Seconds of Arm Circles, then added high knees, then reverse circles, then butt kickers.
  • 15 Side Straddle Hops IC



Three minutes. Ten stations.

Each PAX picked a starting number and after three minutes continued to the next number. Although some had trouble knowing what came after five. cough cough.

  • #1. 30 Toe touches on the curb. 30 Calf raises (repeat)
  • #2. 10 Merkins, 20 LBC’s (repeat)
  • #3. 10 Mule Kicks, Bear Crawl over, Crab walk back. (repeat)
  • #4. 20 Squats, 40 wall taps (repeat)
  • #5. Lunge for three minutes. (ouch)
  • #6. Plank and hold until you can’t. Then 10 side straddle hops (repeat)
  • #7. 20 High knees, 20 Butt kickers (repeat)
  • #8. 20 Decline Merkins, 20 Tricep Dips (Repeat)
  • #9. Jump rope until you mess up. Then a burpee. Then back to jump rope.
  • #10. ABC’s holding basketball with feet.

We finished off with one minute to spare and added more side saddle hops for good measure.

A short list of announcements and then joined for the COT.

Thank you all for coming out and braving the heat!

K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stroganoff

10 Strong men converged on Martha’s House for a fair helping of Stroganoff’s Simplicity workout. Some of the creativity at recent workouts was not lost on the Q…..he was just not up to the ‘creativity’ task. The disclaimer consisted of “you shouldn’t be doing this” and “if you’re looking for the creativity of Short Sale and Feelgood, you came to the wrong workout.”

The Pledge

The Warm-Up: 10 IC Side-Straddle Hops

That was it

The Thang

We began with a mosey to the center of the spoke at the Baseball Fields at Martha Rivers Park for some basic exercise sets all In-Cadence:

Merkins X 15
LBC’s X 25
Squats X 15? (Not sure about this count as the Q’s personal space was invaded…..glad to see you back Whoopee)

Merkins X 15
LBC’s X 25
Squats X 15 (Personal space issues were adverted as the Q moved down to the far end of the PAX)

After a brief rest we took the long route mosey over to the lower end of the parking lot near the playground.

With a slight modification to 11’s, YHC decided to bring out some 22’s. Same as 11’s in concept but the total reps add up to 22 and we count up and down by 2’s. The two exercises were Merkins and LBC’s and went something like this:

Run across parking lot + 20 Merkins + run back across parking lot + 2 LBC’s (One complete)
Run across parking lot + 18 Merkins + run back across parking lot + 4 LBC’s (Two complete)
This continued until the last set of 2 Merkins + 20 LBC’s. The Q wasn’t sure about this one and it bordered on violating the rule of ‘If you can’t do it, don’t Q it’, but the PAX completed the task at hand.

This was followed by another short mosey around the path back to the picnic shelter for some more simplicity work (didn’t say easy…..I said simple). Grabbed some bench for the following in-cadence work:

Dips X 20
Flutter Kicks X 20 (I know, I never do these when leading)
Step Ups X 20
Quick Count off
Dips X 18
Flutter Kicks X 20
Step Ups X 20
Quick Count off
Dips X 15 (I think this was the correct number but was distracted by my Mother and her Sisters walking by the picnic area combined with Whoopee’s incessant compliments…I think)
Flutter Kicks X 25
Step Ups X 20

Mosey back toward Pelican’s but wait, there was time for a quick stop for a round of 15 IC Derkins on the curb while avoiding incoming traffic.

Mosey back to Pelican’s. Finish off with a quick round of Dying Cockroaches (Thanks Bandit). This took us to 6:15 am.

Several announcements that I cannot remember. Prayer requests. Name-o-rama. Final kneeling for the prayer to finish the work and take us out for the day.

Great work men. Thanks for understanding I needed the simplicity today. I have enough complications. You guys help me stay grounded and focused. As always, an honor to lead.

Until the next one.


Le Tour de Cramerton

8 PAX made it out to Goat Island today for a Tour de France inspired workout.  This years tour has stages through France, Spain, Andorra, and Switzerland so today’s workout included exercises that were inspired by each country.

Warm Up :

15 SSH (IC)

10 Freddie Mercury (IC)

25 Moroccan Night Clubs (IC)

10 Merkins (IC)

15 LBC (IC)


The Thang:

Stage 1 (France) – Time Trials

The PAX Mosey’d to the BB&T Alley for Wall Sits while each PAX took an individual lap up the stairs and around the building

Stage 2 (France) – Mountain Stage

After the Time Trials we mosey’d to the back of the buildings and partnered up.  In aggregate 100 Mountain Climbers while partner ran Hills alternating until 100 Mountain Climbers were achieved.

Stage 3 (Spain)

Since the Tour de France is made up of long bike rides, we did a long mosey down Front Street to the parking lot at 8th & 10th Street a.k.a. Spain.  Given that this was Spain, we did 50 Don Quixote’s OYO followed by 50 Moroccan Night Clubs (Morocco is next to Spain) OYO.

Stage 4 (Andorra)

Mosey’d to the Community Center Parking Lot a.k.a. Andorra.  Andorra is a small country between Spain and France, The next set of exercises were “little”, as Andorra is a small Country and they have a Basketball Team (thanks Wikipedia).


30 Bobby Hurley’s OYO


Mosey to Baseball Field bleachers for Raccoon Crawls only to find there weren’t any bleachers, so we Omaha’d to Bear Crawls x2 through the stands

Stage 5 (Switzerland)

Mosey’d back to Front Street and planned to do Clock Merkins on the hill a.k.a. Switzerland (Swiss make Watches – Clocks are like big watches…) but there was some Mumble Chatter about Poison Ivy on the hill, so we Omaha’d…  Indian Run back to the original hill from stage 2 for Clock Merkins

12 Merkins at 12 O’Clock

3 Merkins at 3 O’Clock

6 Merkins at 6 O’Clock

9 Merkins at 9 O’Clock

Right about this time, off in the distance, was an oncoming Freight Train so a quick 5 Burpees OYO

Stage 6 – (France) – Champ Elysees

This was the final stage of the tour which was a mosey back to the starting parking lot for 22 Merkins for 22 Veterans.


There were no announcements today so we Name-O-Rama’d and closed out with prayer.

Great work pushing the rock today it was an honor to lead you all.



Core Time by Tool Time

About a week ago Huckleberry shot me a message which said “you need to bring Core Time to Folsom” ……who was I to deny this request!



SSH- 25 IC

Moroccan Night Clubs- 30 IC ( for Dolph)

Squats- 25 IC

Merkins – 15 IC

The Thang:

We moseyed to the Tennis courts ( about 30 yards) so that those of us with soft six’s wouldn’t ruin them ….then it happened Core time by Tool time….the PAX were really grateful that we weren’t training for the BRR ….however that ended shortly and they were asking for a mosey…denied!

In and Outs with arms up -25

Freddie Mercury’s forward with arms up in seated V position – 25 /Then Backwards for 25

Crunchy Frog – 25

Wide leg sit-ups – 25

Fifer Scissors- 25

Hip Rock and Raise – 25

Heels to Heaven- 25

V-Up/Roll-ups -25

Oblique V-ups Right Side -25 /Then Left side -25

Leg Climbs Right leg – 12/ Then Left Leg 12

And to put the cherry on top….

American Hammers -50

After that the PAX moseyed to the playground for some pull-up and Merkin action… and on to the rest of the Challenge…

Pull-ups -5 then Merkins -20 – X’s 2

Chin-ups 5 then Military Merkins (elbows in) -20 – X’s 2

After this the PAX moseyed from the Playground to the Folsom mini hill…..(Hamburger Hills distant relative)

Sprint up the hill at top 5 Burpees x 3

Sprint down the hill 20 CDD’s x 3

We did this together….well except Dolph….he got a little excited one time and ran off on his own….Huckleberry was quick to point that out to him !

Mosey back to the Flag and circle up – thanks to Pizza Man and Dolph for rounding up the six…

We certainly didn’t have enough core time!

50 Flutter kicks IC (this hurt)

Dolph called 5 Burpees OYO

Huckleberry called 25 LBC

Then finished with 30’s of plank!



Mole skin

YHC spoke to the men about the fact that we are all warriors and our duty to fight the battle set before us…..to become better Men, Husbands, Fathers, Friends and Leaders!

Prayers for healing of friends going through battles with cancer and for unity of our Country. Prayers of gratitude for the PAX present and for all of F3!

Proverbs 27:

17Iron sharpens iron,
and one man sharpens another.


Thank you for the invite to Folsom great work by all PAX. It was an honor to lead today men!

Tool Time

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