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Day: July 10, 2016

Wide World of Weinke’s

For the 5th week of The Fighting Yank I brought out my first weinke I ever wrote up. It was exercises based on sports movements. It was great to look back and see the differences. My terminology has changed a lot over the last year!


“Jumping Jacks”….what? x 15(1,2,3=1 style)

Little Arm Circles(morroccan nightclubs) x 20ic

Imperial Walkers x 10ic

Hillbillies x 10ic

Merkins x 10ic


The Thang:

Cross Country-We moseyed across town to the American Legion ball field


Catcher-Sumo squat jumps x 20

Shortstop-Side steps while touching the ground-5L then 5R x 3

Outfield-Sprint do a burpee and back do a burpee x 3

Some where in here a train came by and YHC yelled 10 burpees OYO


Squat front kicks x 20ic


LBFC’s x 15ic


Squat Jump x 10ic


Merkin Roll x 20 OYO

This is where I started making stuff up. I really like to bear crawl and crab walk when I Q because it sucks so bad!

Bear Crawl about 15 yds crab walk back

Bear crawl again and Midoriyama Merkin as far as you can back. Finish with a bear crawl if needed.

Bear Crawl again Midoriyama Merk and burp back.

Mosey to the back of the middle school. Fonda-thanks for stopping and putting the flag at half mast! HIM indeed!

Horseshoes/Skating/Bowling lunges across the parking lot and back to the wall. At this point there were some JJ Watt impersonations. Impressive!

Mosey to the shed for Dips x 30ic. Mummble-chatter about not knowing how many we were going to do. We are building mental toughness as well men.

Mosey back and circle up for a few minutes of Mary. Thanks to all who pitched in except Pizza Man who yelled the dreaded 10 burpees OYO to close us out.


Announcements, Prayer Request, Name the FNG’s(Welcome Arby, Wetnuts, Messi), Prayer.

Great job by all again today. Especially the FNG’s. One of which was a tough 2.0! I hope to see you all again next week!

All I caught was a concrete block

5 men fought off the fartsack for the Saturday morning fishing tournament. Er I mean workout. With start time coming my coupons were yet to be seen….well never fear Sparkys here. So on with the warmup.

Warmup; SSH x15 IC, Flutterkicks x15 IC, Hillbillys x15 IC, Toe raises x 15 IC.

The Thang, the pax grab a coupon and we mosey to the bottom of the parking lot. YHC didn’t do a good job at explaining so there was a little confusion. Well lets get started and we will figure it out. Starting at the bottom left of the parking lot we did squats, bottom right of lot lunges, top right of lot shoulder presses, top left of lot french curls, center right of lot forearm lift, center left of lot bicep curls, after each exercise, mosey to center with blocks and do LBC’s.  All exercises were x 20 with a total of 3 sets.( All the while cars coming and going to the lower shelter setting up for the fishing tournament that was about to begin, probably wondering what in the world we were doing.) Lay the blocks on the side of the parking lot and mosey to the amphitheater. Here we do rocky balboas x15 IC and just as we were about to do some donkey kicks we must have stirred up a hornets nest in the back wall so that got a big Omaha. Sparky mentioned another wall at the ballfields we could use so off we go. Gomer set off to break the land speed record to the next shelter and after we all arrived the donkey kicks ensued x 15 IC. Next up was hip slappers x10 IC. Time was running out so we set off to mosey back.  Pledge.

COT; announcement’s, prayer request.

BOM: YHC took us out.

Moleskin:  Great work guys! Way to push the rock Huckleberry! It’s a privilege to lead you today. Thanks!



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