• When: 06/23/16
  • QIC: Huckleberry
  • PAX: Tool time, Def Leppard, Roadie, Medicine Woman, Floyd, T-ball, Hank, Mary Lou, Sparky, Allen Tate

burn!   11 men posted to Folsom this morning to become better than they were yesterday.

after a brief disclaimer, we were off.  first exercise is… let’s mosey.  this caught the pax off guard, and tool time wondered where the warmups were.  mosey down to the lower parking lot for the warmup.

warmarama went this like; happy jacks x 15IC, hillbilly x 15IC and pretzel crunches x 10IC for each leg.

the thang

partner up for lazy Dora 123.  p1 x 10 merkins while p2 holds plank, repeat to 100.  p1 x 20 lbc while p2 holds reverse plank, repeat to 200. p1 x 30 squats while p2 holds squat, repeat to 300.

mosey to the hill by the ballfields.  bear crawl up, 5 burpees, sprint down.  repeat.  then, bear crawl up, 5 burpees, crawl bear down.

mosey to the amphitheater.  donkey kicks x 10, rocky balboas x 20 and ascending testicles.  repeat.  then 30 mountain climbers and 25 wall assist crunches.  after that, repeat with 10 donkey kicks, 20 rocky balboas, ascending testicles, 30 mountain climbers and 25 wall assist crunches.  circle up for a 10 merkin ring of fire.

mosey to the playground.  tool time graced us with his presence today, so I thought I’d repay that with 10 quick pull-ups.

mosey to the flag for the pledge.  ended with what freight said was the only way to end an F3 workout – 10 burpees OYO.  time.

great work today, men.  announcements: Folsom on Saturdays, 06:30-07:30.  F3 dads this Saturday, 10am at Martha Rivers.  prayer requests: Godfathers family, each other.  BOM: Floyd took us out with a closing prayer.

moleskin: awesome work, guys.  big thanks to tool time and def leppard for joining us this morning, honored to have you.  I enjoy this group and watching everyone become better than we were.  I’d still be a fartsacking sad clown without this.  humbled and honored to be a part of this.

Philippians 4:13