F3 Area 51’s CSAUP event is less than a week away.

Who: Any interested pax

What: CSAUP event with 3 options –

  • Roshambo: 14.1 miles, 7 painstations;
  • Swift Kick: 10.8 miles, 6 painstations
  • Sack Tap: 6 miles, 4 painstations

When:  Saturday, August 1st

  • Roshambo – 5am launch from Stonehenge (The Vine restaurant parking lot in Ballantyne)
  • Swift Kick & Sack Tap – 6 am launch from Centurion (Charlotte Catholic HS)


From Ballantyne to Charlotte Catholic HS and then all the way down Route 51 to Matthews Elementary – Route Map: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxtPjV1k0UC_RW9JRFhkX1NVVFk/view?usp=sharing


Why Not?  #CSAUP


To be answered by each pax who posts.

Parking/Start/Finish Logistics:

Roshambo’ers and Swift Kickers should park at Peak 51 (Matthews Elem).  The pax needs to take it upon themselves to then clowncar to either Stonehenge (launch at 5am thus meet at Peak 51 at 4:30am) or clowncar to Centurion (Charlotte Catholic) – launch at 6am thus meet at Peak 51 at 5:30am.

Sack Tappers should muster at Arbo ABC at 5:30ish and then clowncar to Centurion for the 6am launch.


*** Area51 is happy to sponsor this CSAUP event.  It’s not a race, rather, the intent is to keep the pax together, SF’s out front the whole way.  Site Q’s will provide water, Gatorade, etc. at each painstation.  Should be a lot of fun.  Hope you’ll join us Saturday, August 1st.