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Day: June 2, 2015

Ghost Flag – NC

Tomorrow the North Carolina Ghost Shovel Flag will officially be in play.

Rules of the Ghost Flag

  1. 5 or more pax from a different region must post at the ghost flag’s location to claim it
  2. For right now we are going to make the boundaries  Gastonia (West),  Statesville (North),  Concord (East), and Ballentyne (South).  *Sorry Fort Mill/Shelby/Hickory, If you want to get in on this, state your claim, I’m open to suggestions.
  3. Do your best to coordinate it so that the ghost flag makes to a workout everyday.  Tag it on in a preblast with the hashtag #f3ghostflag to let the other regions know where it’s at.  Hoping someone with more power than me can make a Ghost flag tag for the backblasts to help track the movement.

Tclaps to Sadiq from Swamp Rabbit who invented the original Ghost Flag for the upstate South Carolina pax.  This idea is 100% stolen from him.  You can follow the original Ghost Flag on twitter @f3ghostflag.

If you have an idea to make this better let me know.


Silver Bullet

TheStorm BackBlast: Men vs Mayflies

17 men came out to get some work in the gloom at #TheStorm.  Little did these men know that they were not only in a battle against themselves, but millions of mayflies lay in wait to make the work a bit harder.  The men overcame the mayflies as many a mayfly were accidentally swallowed or swatted to death.

Side note: One tackling dummy may have lost its life too as Whoopee came out of nowhere to take it out.

The Thang:



Side Straddle Hop x 15, Imperial Walker x 15, Merkin x 10, LBC x 30, 1 lap around track

The Thang:


Bear Crawl Up Ramp/Crab Walk Down (10 Merkins on top/20 LBC’s at bottom)

Mosey to End Zone (Pick Up Bags)

Heavy Bag Carry Relay- PAX divided into 2 groups… half on each side (20 yards) Carry Heavy Bag/Others in group do Carolina Dry Docks AMAP until everyone member of group goes x 2

Weighted Sled Relay- PAX divided same as above (40 yards) Push Sled with 50lbs of weights/Others in group do LBC’s AMAP until everyone in group goes x 2


Run to the Baseball/Softball Fields and circle up:  Talk about picking each other up.

20 Mountain Climbers, 20 Seal Jacks

Run Through The Jungle-Ran to the top of both hills and then back.  Circled around to pick each other up.

Mosey to the trucks.

Finished with COT and 1 FNG (Bulldozer)


Bandit and Brown Streak have volunteered to take on shovel flags.

Dolph will Q next week at TheStorm

Shirt orders are final tomorrow

Wednesday at Martha Rivers Park starts at 5:30AM with parking being at the closed down ice cream parlor



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